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Neck Heating Pad - Heating Pad with special design to contour to your neck and lower back - Neck heating pad fits your neck, shoulder and lower back - Soft Washable pillowcase with all our Neck Heating Pads -
Microwave Neck Heating Pad is the best!

Neck Heating Pad, Customers have had their neck pad for years - Reusable Neck Heating Pad
Special designed Neck Heating Pad moulds to your Neck & Heats Evenly around your neck
Neck Heating Pad contents stay put because of our pocket design

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Neck Heating Pad and all our Heating Pads are Made in America!

Added Bonus - Neck Heating Pad and all our Heating Pads have a soft 10% washable pillowcase

The Best Neck Heating Pad - Ever!

Neck Pad fits large and small

Neck Heating Pad comforts neck while relaxing your neck and shoulders with comforting heat.. $28.95

You may order extra neck heating pad covers for $9.95 each

Neck Heating pads are approximately 6 inches wide by 31 inches long.

All our heating pads are made in the United State of America

Special Designed Neck Heating Pad

All our heating pads come with a soft washable pillowcase - Choose a floral or plaid pillowcase when ordering

Love our Neck Heating Pad, Just try it!

The washable pillowcase on our neck heating pad comes in a pretty soft flannel floral or a soft flannel plaid

Neck Heating Pad pillowcase keeps the heat in while keeping the neck heating pad clean - Neck Heating Pad pillowcases are 100% washable

Neck Heating Pad
Best Neck Heating Pad anywhere...
Neck Heating Pad Made in the U.S.A.


Neck Heating Pad drapes over your shoulder

Microwave Neck Heating Pad - when you put it on your neck it soothes... $28.95

The only neck heating pad with this comfort and a washable pillowcase

Our Neck Heating Pad design contours to your neck

Pockets for even heat on your neck shoulder and back

Washable pillowcase

Corn Pad includes instructions for easy use and gift giving

Neck Heating Pads are Made in America

You will love the way your neck heating pad fits comfortably around you neck - draped over your shoulder or on your lower back

Neck Heating Pad for Lower Back Heating Pad

Turn your neck heating pad upside down and it becomes a back heating pad for your lower back or up your back and shoulder, it moulds perfectly to your lower back were it aches the most.

After using your Neck Heating Pad you'll be pleasantly surprised how well it fits and just how comforting it is.
Customer comments below from just a few of our happy customers

If you have a stiff or sore neck you will enjoy the comfort of our neck heating pad

Neck Heating Pads, Neck Heating pad with soft flannel washable pillowcase

Our special design moulds to your neck with pockets to distribute heat evenly around your neck

Put Neck Heating pad on and it comforts..

Neck Heating Pad is approximately 6 inches wide by 31 inches wide

We have customer who have had our neck heating pads for years - they last!

This is the best Neck Heating Pad you will ever own! We have years of satisfied customers.

Neck Heating Pads

Neck Heating Pads keep the heat longer because of the washable pillowcase

Our Neck Heating Pad sooths your neck and shoulder instantly and can last for years

Reusable Neck Heating Pad is made with pockets to evenly distribute the heat throughout your neck, shoulder and lower back so it doesn't all go to one area.

Neck Heating Pads come with a washable pillowcase and our neck heating pad sooths your neck and shoulders instantly - can last for years

Neck heating pad is made with pockets to evenly distribute the heat throughout your neck, shoulders and lower back so it doesn't all go to one area

Once you try this neck heating pad you won't want another because our special designed neck heating pad makes this the most comfortable neck heating pad on the market.

Take your neck heating pad to work, on trips and use your neck heating pad throughout the day.

Neck Heating Pad packs easily and is lightweight

Use your Neck Heating Pad over and over...

Neck Heating Pads comfort your neck while relaxing it.

Old Fashioned Neck Heating Pads

Neck Heating Pads

You will find out your neck heating hating pad lasts and can be used over and over...

Turn your neck heating pad upside down for your lower back, throw it over your shoulder and down your upper back and wrap around one or both knees. This heating pad can be used all over your body. The special design helps it to drape comfortably around your body and neck.

Take your neck heating pad to bed with you, the heat slowly goes down while relaxing your neck.

Use your neck heating pad over and over

Washable neck heating pad pillowcase keeps your neck heating pad clean

Put your neck pad in the freezer if you want a cold pack

Microwave Neck Heating Pad and when you put it on your neck it soothes...

Neck Heating pad contours to neck

Order your Neck Heating Pad washable pillowcase in Plaid or Floral

Go to our Secure Web Page to easily order your Neck Heating Pad

You will enjoy your neck heating pad so much you'll have to keep an eye on it so it doesn't disappear on someone else's neck. (That happens often and we have repeat customers.)

Neck Heating Pad drapes over your shoulder or rests comfortably on your lower back and can wrap around your knee, ankle, leg or chest.

The neck heating pad has separate pockets so it molds easily to your body

Back of neck heating pad

You can use your neck heating pad on:

Neck heating pad for lower or upper neck and back

Great to use as a Shoulder Heating Pad

Shoulder Heating Pads

Works as a Back Heating Pad - use your neck heating pad on your lower back and other areas of your body that need comforting heat.

Back Heating Pad

Therapist use as a Neck and body massage heating pad - you'll enjoy the way our neck heating pad feels on your shoulder back and neck - because of the separate pockets it distributes the heat throughout the entire heating pad. The easily removable washable neck heating pad cover keeps your heating pad clean while keeping it warmer longer.

Click on  for larger view of neck heating pad

Neck Heating Pad wraps comfortably around your neck. Our neck pad with pockets evenly distributes contents and give you even heat or cold if you use as a cold pack

Made in the U.S.A.

Your neck heating pad will be used more than any other heating pad before

Use your neck heating pad on your back and put your neck heating pad on your knee or ankle

Neck heating pad is wonderful on your shoulder or anywhere on your body that needs heat or cold

Try this neck heating pad - You will love it!


neck heating pad

Neck Heating Pad contours to your neck, back or wraps around your leg ankle or knee - special design with pockets for even heat around neck or back - neck heating pad contents stay put on your neck or body for comfort where you need it!

A favorite Neck Heating pad you will enjoy for years!

Washable heating pad cover is easily removed for easy cleaning

Neck heating pad is available in plaid and floral pillowcase - the only neck pad on the market with this comfort and a washable pillowcase.

Neck heating pad

Corn Pad includes instructions for easy use and gift giving- 100% natural Heating Pad - Native American remedy for aches & pains.

Microwave Corn Neck heating pad for heat or can be put in the freezer for cold pack - can be used for headache, sprains or use Neck Pad hot for sore muscles - Neck Heating Pad fits comfortably on your lower back, shoulder, knees or anywhere you need comfort.

Neck Heating Pad the perfect gift for you to give to someone or yourself.

Neck Heating pad covers shoulder and hugs the neck, a special design oh so comfortable.
Neck Heating pad $28.95

You'll enjoy the way your neck heating pad feels on your shoulders neck and lower back.

The separate pockets help to keep the heating throughout the entire heating pad

100% washable pillowcase is easy to take off - Put the neck heating pad with the pillowcase on into your microwave and when it gets dirty just throw it in the washer for a clean microwave neck heating pad.

The pillowcase also keep the heat in so your neck heating pad stays warmer longer!

Just try the neck heating pad on your lower back, fits perfectly and feels great.


Customer Comments


Thank you! I received the heating pad a couple of days ago and it feels wonderful! This is the first real relief I've had for my neck in months. I'm grateful and delighted to have discovered your product. Sincerely Judy, Stony Brook, NY

I received my order and am quite satisfied. All the pads and covers are beautifully done. I am using them for myself, my oldest cat, and giving some for Christmas gifts. Thanks so much!!! Happy Holidays to you and yours! Sincerely Vicki OH! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Your heating pad is marvelous! Better than advertised. It came perfectly packaged.. I am SO pleased! I love the shape and design and was surprised to see that it had a removable, washable cover. I suppose it was advertised as such; but I must have overlooked it!
I will tell everyone I know! I have such pain in my lower back from severe arthritis. It also affects my knees. This is PERFECT! Thank you again, Judy Hi,

The heating pads arrived yesterday in good shape. I especially like the way the shoulder heating pad fits. Thanks, Fran

I wanted to tell you a story that happened last weekend. My family was in Duck Creek last weekend. I was at your booth and bought a neck heat pad. I put it in the freezer when I got home. Sat afternoon I fell and broke my wrist. Had to go to Cedar City hospital. The pad was perfect to lay against my wrist and I put the one end on top of my hand and the other end on top of my arm behind my wrist. So happy I bought that day.
Deanna Bentz

I've had other heating pads before but never have they fit my body and comforted like these, thanks so much Susan


The pad arrived today, I tried it already and it works terrific,
Thank you,
God bless you and yours,

Our nieces have confiscated our heating pads and we are in need of new ones! Thank you for a great product. My wife won't travel without them! Eric
(They had a neck and square heating pad for nine years before ordering new ones and the nieces are still using them)

More customer comments

Hello, The heating pads arrived this weekend. They look and feel great. Thank you! Nurit

Happy New Year
Thank you, I really enjoyed the other three packs we purchased a couple of months ago. I gave one to my Dad for the holidays and after a few days my Mom complained to ask where her pillow is!:-) They are fantastic and I am looking forward to trying out the neck heating pillow.
Have a great day!

Got them today-I think I'm getting the flu and I heated the neck heating pad up (okay it was a Christmas present for somebody else, but not anymore! it feels so good-I love it. And my hubby likes it too cause it doesn't stink (lavender) like my other ones. Anyway, thanks so much and have a great holiday! Clara

You are right! My neck heating pad is wonderful, better than an others that I have had. Julie

Just a note to let you know we received the heating pad. My wife loves it! Thank you so much. Steve

I received one of your neck pads a couple of years ago as a gift... I have another use for you, LOL... Not only does it soothe aching muscles, but... I am extremely cold natured and my husband is NOT, so this is a TERRIFIC help to me to keep from being cold all over. I heat it up, throw it around my neck and VOILA, I'm not cold! It has worked wonders. I am gonna need to get a new one, LOL Karen K NQ Arkansas

Love my neck heating pad! It is the best thing I have ever bought for myself. I use it on my neck and then turn it upside down and use it on my back. The washable pillowcase makes it so easy to keep clean. I will be a regular customer for gifts for friends and family, that will make me very popular. I know they will use it! George

You will love this heating pad as much as your dog

Large Rectangular Heating Pad 10" x 26" #801 (10 pocket) $42.95
Large Rectangular Heating Pad 9" x 8 1/2 " #802 (6 pocket) $34.95

This is the largest microwave heating pad. A heating pad with pockets and a removable washable pillowcase. Our large heating pads come in two sizes so choose the best for you or whoever you are buying it for. If it is an older person we like to use the #802 that is 9" x 8 1/2" but it is your choice.

The preferred heating pad for adults, dogs and cats. You will love this as much as your dog or car (if not more).

Use this large heating pad, it will cover both your knees, wrap al the way around your back or put it in your bed to warm it on those cold winter nights.

The large 10 pocket heating pad and smaller 18 1/ x 9" heating pad distribute the heat evenly because of the pockets and your contents won't all run to one side, but let you have heat all over where you need it.

Pillowcase opening has a fold over closure to keep heating pad warmer longer.

You'll Love It!!

You may order extra rectangular heating pad pillowcases for $10.95 each

Heating Pads made in America!

Heating Pads
Microwave Heating Pad feels Oh So Good!


Heating Pad
$13.95 ea.

8" x 10"Heating Pads with pillowcase
We call it the square heating pad but it is wider than it is high.
















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