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Large Heating Pad with washable pillowcase, Use over and over, made to last, The most comfortable one you will ever use. Even deep warmth that goes deep into your body & muscles.
For the person who has everything, including achy muscles


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Lg Heating pad

Extra Large heating pad 10" x 26" #801 $42.95
Large Heating Pad 10" x 18 1/2" #802 $34.95
Sizes are approximate

All our large pads come with removable pillowcase 100% washable to keep it clean. It come with 1 cover, but if you want to order an extra pillowcase, the prices are below.

Extra Cover 10 x 26" $15.95
Extra Cover 10 x 18 1/2" $10.95

Choose from Plaid or Floral washable flannel pillowcase and they are included them. They are made with pockets so there is even hot throughout the for added comfort to your muscles for maximum relief

They can be used hot or cold. This is the preferred one for people, dogs or cats. You will love this almost as much as your dog or cat if not more. Because we make our microwave heating pads with pockets the insides won't run from one place to another, they stay in place for even heat.

Large Heating Pads

10 Pocket Rectangular heating pad

Extra Large heating pad 10" x 26" #801 $42.95
Large heating pad 10" x 18 1/2" #802 $34.95

Large microwave pad covers your back, knee, elbow, leg or anywhere you need heat or cold It will cover your parts of your body or use as a bed warmer. You will be surprised how long they stay warm. You will get even warmth throughout because we make it with pockets so the contents stay put and don't go to one side..

Covers your body where it needs it or just keep you warm deep into your muscles You may order extra pillowcases, they come in plaid or floral flannel.

Extra cover 10 x 26" $15.95
10 x 18 1/2" $10.95

Just let us know if you want a plaid or floral when ordering.

It is deep warmth to your muscles and the washable pillowcase helps to keep warm in and even more wonderful is that the outside gets dirty just take off the pillowcase and wash it. You will love it.



Large Heating Pads with soft flannel pillowcase

Large Heating pad with plaid pillowcase

You will enjoy this, a generous 10" x 26 1/2 inches long or the 10" x 18" one is perfect for many areas of your body.

Special designed to mold to your body. The large microwave one is perfect for arthritis, back pain, knee pain, or for a hot or cold pack.

No electrical cord because you just put this in the microwave.

All are Made in America

Large Microwave Heating Pads distribute heat evenly



Large Microwave Pads

They come with a washable pillowcase of flannel in plaid or pretty floral, we have customers who have used ours for years, use them over and over.

The washable pillowcase helps keep it clean it clean and the warmth last longer. Each pocket inside is sealed to keep contents from moving for even distribution of hot or cold.
Put it in the microwave and then on your body, or it can be used as a cold pack. Just throw it in the freezer
No electrical cord, This wonderful something you will use or give it as a gift to the person who has everything including an achy body.



Square heating pad for comfort your sore back & body
Deep warmth to your muscles

Heating pad

Square Heating Pads $13.95

Choose from plaid or floral soft flannel pillowcase.

1 pocket microwave pad has a soft removable pillowcase to keep it clean, the flannel feels wonderful next to your body

Use it as a bed warmer, hand warmer or foot warmer and it is portable so you can take it anywhere.

Perfect for a cold pack just throw it in the freezer and you don't have a drip like an ice pack. The cover helps keeps the cold in.

It is soft and contours to your body with mouldable contents. 100% natural contents with a Washable Pillowcase, a Native American remedy for aches & pains.

Massage Therapists use this for massage like the same deep heat as the rock massage but you can give it to yourself

Use cold or hot for migraine when needed.

We have customers who have used the same one for years, they last.



Neck, Knee and Lower Back Neck Pads.

Neck heating pads

Neck heating Pad $28.95

The Cadillac of out heating pads. Our special designed neck heating pad will form to your neck, shoulder, knees and back. We also make it with pockets so the contents do not go to one end but stay put for even distribution.

Removable 100% washable pillowcase keeps your neck pad clean while helping keep the warm in.


Turn it upside down and you have the perfect one for your lower. It fits wonderfully for that sore lower back pain.

Neck heating pad for lower back

This is the best neck heating pad on the market. You can not just use it on your neck and shoulder but it curves to your lower back.

The way this is made it heats evenly, the contents do not move from one side to another, they stay put for comfort throughout.

Customer Comments

Whoever invented your heating pad is a genius. I got the back heating pad and my wife and I love it. We have a heating pad with no cord and it feels so good. Thanks, Joel

I received your heating pad a few days ago. I heat them up in the microwave and place them in the bed at the feet before I go to bed. They warm up the bed and let me go to sleep without feeling cold. I don't have to worry about going to sleep with an electrical heating pad. They are great, thanks for the fast service. Daniel

My son broke a bone in his hand and had to cold pack it, the square bag just fit over his hand comfortably, the ice was too hard and bitter cold. Your bag was perfect. Thanks Ann

I love my heating pad. I need four more to give to my kids for Christmas, they fight over mine so I know they will love it. Emily

Thank you so much for the help with my sisters order. She is thrilled with the corn bags and will remain a loyal customer. She has Raynauds disease and so her hands are cold 24/7. The bags stay even warmer then most because of the covers.
So again "Thanks"

A cute comment from one of our customers who love cats (and they love our heating pads).

I bought a corn-filled heating pad years ago. It is the best thing ever. Unfortunately my cat thinks it is the best thing ever and always hogs it. I have been looking for another microwavable heating pad for years. All I find are those aroma therapy ones. I don't like them at all. I am so excited to have finally found you! Many Thanks, Nicole, Arlington Maine.

We asked her if we could use her story and this was her reply.

I would be happy for you to use the cat story. In fact, she is yowling right now because it is getting cold and she wants me to reheat it for her. She gets all excited when she hears the microwave. She can keep the old one, but she is definitely not getting the new ones. I have suffered long enough. Its my turn now.
Thank you again, Nicole





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