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Face Mask, Cloth face mask have four layers inside and outside is 100% cotton with two additional layers of interfacing on the inside.
The nose piece has a wire in it for a better fit. Soft elastic around the ears for more comfort.
Made in Utah in the USA the old fashioned way.


or tel: 435-648-2141
Stitch Thru Time

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Cloth Face Masks

Made in America

Wire on the nose helps to tighten around your nose to give you a better fit so you aren't always reaching up to pull it up.


American Flag Face Mask

American Flag Face mask in men women and kids $14.95

There is wire by the nose to have a tighter fit and we make them with four layers, two of them are 100% cotton and two layers of interfacing on the inside. We have a variety of material for men women and kids.

Soft elastic around the ear for more comfort. Washable

Face Mask White with Red Rick Rack

Women Face Mask white with red gingham on the top.

Made in America

MEn Cloth Face Masks

Mens Face Mask in American Flag $14.95

Mens cloth face mask with fitted nose and four layers of material. Two layers are 100% cotton and two on the inside are interfacing.

Elastic is a thinner elastic for added comfort that goes around the ears to give you a tighter fit. We make the mens mask a little longer and the elastic that goes around the ears is longer than the woman face mask.

Men Face Mask

Men Cloth Face Mask in American Flag $14.95

Mens cloth face mask in American Flag. It has wire on the nose so you can seal it off easier and a comfortable fit. When our model put this on the first time he said this is comfortable.

It is made to cover and has a fitted nose so it is easier to breath for longer wear. We make our face masks with four layers, the inside and outside of cotton and an interfacing on the inside of the two layers.

If you want it without the wire you may call us at 435-648-2141 and that is available also.

Kids Face Masks


Cloth Face Masks

Kids Face Mask in Old Trucks $14.95

We have a variety of fabric in the kids face masks, the above one is shown in old trucks. Wire around the nose piece and washable fabric. It is not recommended that you bend the face mask in half too much as it is wire. We have washed our face masks over and over with no problem. We wash them in the washing machine and air dry them in the sun for a longer lasting mask.

All of our masks are 100% cotton on the outside and the inside against your face with two layers of interfacing on the inside.

Old Trucks

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