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Retro kitchen apron

Aunt Rose in Good Old Days

Aunt Rose apron in Good old days
women number 2135 girl 20004

Old fashioned ringer washing machine with clothes and beautiful quilts hung on the line to dry. Old ironing boards and little girls outside with the clothes basket. A one of a kind apron you will love.


Red polka dot red gingham mother and daughter apron

1940 in red polka dot red gingham

Mother and girl apron 1940 apron in red polka dot and red Gingham 189 girl number251 This is one of our popular aprons with red background white polka dots and red gingham on the top and pockets


For Fathers Day give your stiff necked person a neck heating pad

Neck Heating Pad

Neck Heating Pad
Deep heat to your muscles and body. Use over and over and can last for years comes with washable flannel pillowcase


Retro Red gingham apron

1940 Red Gingham

1940 Retro red gingham apron women 121 girl 201 Get out your Better Homes and Garden cookbook and you will match perfectly with the red gingham checks.


We love America and have our line of American flag aprons

4th of July

1940 4th of July apron women 138 and girls 209

4th of July is all American made in the USA. Wear this all year round but it is perfect for the 4th of July picnic.



Lower Back Heating Pads
Turn neck heating pad upside down for a perfect fit on your lower back or drape over your shoulder or knee. For those who need heat or cold. Deep penetrating heat or use it cold


Old fashioned cookie recipes


A one of a kind book for you.

1st American Cookie Lady Cookbook $16.95

The 1st American Cookie Lady is based on a fascinating mystery with yummy cookie recipes

Old fashioned vintage tractor trailer apron

Grandma Tractor Harvest
Vintage tractor harvest apron number 2290 Red and blue vintage tractors harvesting apples pumpkins sunflowers and corn stalks. What a fun apron to wear year round.

Vintage tractor apron

Tractor Harvest

Tractor apron in the pumpkin patch with apples in baskets and sunflowers. A red barn in the background will bring you the feelings of home


Microwave heating pad

Square Heating Pad, click for more views

Heating Pad and washable pillowcase is included. This is perfect for older people who need to warm their hands and feet.

Put it in the bed as a bed warmer, the heat goes down slowly you do not have to worry about an electric heating pad causing a fire in the bed. The soft flannel pillowcase helps keep the heat in and feels wonderful to the touch.

This the best heating pad I have ever had. It goes way into my muscles where it hurts for more comfort I have felt in a long time. I will put you in as my favorite. Sam Olsen New York.

Make memories in the kitchen for dinner with your kids own rolling pin

Child Pastry Set

Kids kitchen wood rolling pin like moms and pastry set

A rolling pin for small hands to help mom in the kitchen. Baking with your kids using this child pastry set and rolling pin. Just perfect for children.


Cobbler red gingham apron

Rose apron red gingham cobbler

Old fashioned cobbler apron Aunt rose in red gingham women number 109 and girl number 233. Red gingham in a beautiful full old fashioned apron. Full and flowing apron with round pockets and white trim. Large checks make the pockets stand out and rick rack around the neck and pockets for that retro look. The white trim gives it a clean and sharp look.


How to plant tomatoes

plant tomatoes

How to plant tomatoes with step by step instructions

How I plant a tomato plant. Possibly you have that perfect dirt, black dirt full of nutrition and easy to dig in.

Well I live has clay, hard clay. They say clay is full of nutrients but is also like cement mortar and plants need to breath so I have over time and still am hauling in all kinds of manure, sand, no I am not making bricks. I also haul in any other mulch I can get my hands on. What I'm trying to say is you need to take the soil you have and make it better.

You can always go to the state extension service with your soil sample and they will tell you what kind of soil you have and what to put into it to make that perfect soil for your tomatoes or other plants. It is a very good idea. To see more go to How to plant tomatoes.


Half apron we made for the servers at the Kate Spade grand opening in Hong Kong but in all white.

Ruffle half aprons

1940 Ruffle White Half Apron with Red Trim

1948 ruffle white half aprons with red trim make this pop.
Mom sizes number 40040 and also comes in girls apron



Large heating pad

Go to Stitch Thru Time Instagram to hear our customers tell you how how much they enjoy our heating pads.

Large heating pad

Extra Large heating pad 10 x 26 number 801
Large Heating Pad 10 x 18 1/2 802 Sizes are approximate
All our large heating pads have removable washable pillowcase to keep your heating pad clean. Comes with 1 cover, but extra covers available in a nice soft flannel. Put them in the microwave for instant deep penetrating heat. Large heating pad, dog is not included but you will love it almost as much especially when you feel how it goes deep into your muscles with comforting heat.

Customer Comment
My newest heating pad arrived this morning, just ahead of a major snow storm. Perfect timing and beautiful flannel. I love, love, LOVE the pattern and softness. I will be cozy and warm no matter how much snow we get! Thank you so much! Lisa C. Denver, Colorado


Neck heating pad for deep penetrating heat

Heating pad with soft flannel pillowcase for easy cleaning just wash heating pad cover in the washing machine.

Microwave neck heating pad

We have sold thousands of neck heating pads and have never had one returned in all the years we have sold them only orders for more. Heating pad moulds to your neck and delivers deep heat and fits your lower back.

Made with pockets so that it distributes heat evenly and the contents do not go to one side or another but stay put and give you comfort where needed. Not a better one anywhere.
When we take these to a show and demonstrate them the first thing that comes out of their mouth when they try it on is aha, it feels just that good and then they walk out with one, wish we could try one on you and you would be sold. We have customers who have had theirs for years and order more to give as gifts. They are reusable and last if taken care of. The heat goes deep, better than a sunbeam heating pad.


Red gingham pinafore grandma apron

Grandma Red Gingham

Red Gingham Grandma Aprons #156 with white rick rack and trim Large red gingham pockets in round or square for plenty of room to spare. Hangs comfortably on your shoulders while looking pretty. Old fashioned apron with a modern women in mind. It comes in four sizes for plenty of room for the small or full figured person.

Our sister website is



Red gingham half apron

1944 Red Gingham Half Apron

1944 Red gingham half apron number 325

Beautiful half aprons in red gingham. Flowing very stylish with three panels of red gingham, the white trim rick rack on a retro style. Specially designed large pockets

Wonderful for a family get together and grandma would love one too.

1940 in  Soda Fountain

1940 Old Fashioned Sofa Fountain apron number 2195 girl 1940 apron 33027

Christmas apron

Cafe half Apron

Retro Cafe Soda fountain Half Apron with long red gingham ties. A retro half style with retro red polka dot pockets number 40051


Gingham retro aprons

Old Fashioned 1940 Gingham Aprons for mom and girls

These are ours at Stitch Thru time. You have probably seen on Pinterest, it one of the most popular pins for gingham aprons they have. The above picture shows all in kids sizes but it comes in adult sizes also.


Over the shoulder grandma apron in pink rose

Grandma Apron

Grandma apron Pink Roses on Pink number 2295 Comes with round or square pockets.



Old Fashioned Cafe

Grandma apron soda fountain 2196
Old fashioned cafe apron with shakes, hot dogs root beef floats ice cream Sunday ice cream cones hamburgers and french fries. You will love this fun apron more than In N Out Burger in the 1960s


Gingham aprons


Retro red gingham half apron

1948 Ruffle red gingham half apron

1948 Ruffle red gingham half apron women 40031 girls 4049 This comes with round or square pockets, a darling ruffle all the way around in red gingham with white trim and white rick rack and it is so retro looking. Soft ruffles surround this beautiful style that is washable and made in the U.S.A.


Girl Christmas aprons just like mom

1940 Old Time Village Christmas Apron, click for more Christmas

Christmas apron in 1940 Old Time Christmas number 294 A mother daughter matching apron for lasting memories of being together in the kitchen during the holidays. This Christmas you can be the perfect decoration on you and your little girl. Women style 1072 and child style number is above.
The little girl above is around 3 years old is wearing a child size petite and still has room to grow.


Tiddly Winks

Tiddly Winks 203 $10.95

36 Tiddly winks, 6 shooters in 6 colors with a wood scoring pot and a color canvas pouch. They all come in a classic toy jar. A 20 page handbook on the history of tiddly winks and techniques for you to use


Aunt sophie in red gingham

Aunt Sophie apron in red gingham 178 Look beautiful and stylish even when your not cooking. White rick rack and trim set off the red gingham and will not only be comfortable as it sets on your shoulders but flattering as well. It comes in size small medium and large. Large gingham on the pockets and small gingham on the rest with the white trim makes this stand out and gives it a clean sharp look.

Blue Gingham Retro Half Aprons

Old Fashioned blue gingham retro half aprons, adult 302 and girl 407

Just like you remember seeing your mom in when you were young. You might remember her wearing this and maybe you had one like it. You can have those wonderful feeling again, a new memory for you and your loved ones and as a bonus you will also keep clean while cooking up those goodies in the kitchen.
These will be memories that last.


Aunt Violet Red Polka Dot

Aunt Violet apron Red Polka Dot all over Ladies 2149

Aunt Violet in red polka dots. Old Fashioned cobbler style apron with a deep red background and white polka dots. The white trim really sets off the pretty shaped pockets and it rests comfortably on your shoulder for comfort, a pretty apron that covers your clothes cooking in the kitchen.

Retro polka dot aprons

1940 in Pink Polka Dot and Pink Gingham

1940 apron pink polka dots and pink gingham, a retro style 2088 girl 20002

1940 in Pink Polka Dot and Pink Gingham Child

Girl apron in 1940 pink polka dot and pink gingham women number 2088 girl 20002


American apron with vintage blue truck bicycles and liberty bell

Grandma Lane of Liberty

Old fashioned Grandma aprons in Land of Liberty 2281

Vintage blue pickup trucks, the liberty bell, cowboy boots with flowers, an old barn and vintage bicycle with a rooster and sunflowers. There is even a rocking chair with a flag pillow. This apron is absolutely the good old USA. Written on it is God shed his grace on thee, let freedom ring, Sweet land of liberty and I pledge allegiance to the flag. This is just darling.

Polka dot apron

Grandma Red Polka Dot with black polka dot pockets

Grandma apron red polka dots with black polka dot pockets, 2000

Granny apron in black and red polka dots really set this off. Black polka dot pockets and black trim make this stand out.

Red polka dot apron


Enjoy the comfort while keeping clean and looking great. The ties come in red gingham now, not black black dots.

Valentine Heart in Pink Polka Dot

Valentine lace heart apron in Pink Polka Dots 2120
Sweetheart heart apron for women and girls.


Spinning tops made in America toys
Old fashioned toys

Whirligig Tops

Whirligig Tops 202 $3.50 Four optical illusion tops
This old fashioned top is easy to use for any age. An inexpensive gift but one that will be used over and over. Great to put in a Christmas stocking.


Heart apron on the cover of the Washington Post and worn by the Nanny on The View TV show

Yellow Heart Apron

Heart apron in yellow gingham number118 matching girl heart aprons 70003 This is the apron that was on the cover of the Washington Post and the Nanny wore one on The View television show. Heart apron comes in almost all our pretty fabrics.

Vintage Christmas apron

Christmas Country Church

Grandma Christmas Country Church apron 2197 Old Fashioned Country Church on a beautiful Christmas scene. They look like southern churches decorated for the holidays and snow capped mountains.

Snow covered churches for Christmas

Christmas Country

Grandma Old Fashioned Pumpkins

Pumpkin apron, Grandma apron in old fashioned pumpkins number 2160 Harvest your pumpkins and gourds by putting on the perfect Thanksgiving holiday apron cooking up memories in the kitchen. You will feel like you just stepped out of a Norman Rockwell painting. Made in America

Holiday and Christmas aprons

1940 Red barn Christmas apron
1940 Red Barn Christmas apron number 2287 Christmas on the farm with red barns red school house silos and sleighs.

Cherry apron

Aunt Violet Cherry Yellow Polka Dot

Cherry yellow polka dots

Cherries that look so good you will want to pick and eat them.
We had a hard time finding a cherry material that was good enough for Stitch Thru Time and we were fortunate enough to find this. It not only has cherries in it but polka dots too, now that was a score. When we run out of this we won't be able to get any more as it is no longer made.


1940 retro in Cherries

1940 Cherry Apron with white polka dots 2178

Retro 1940's is back when you put on this stylish cover for your clothes. Cherries with yellow background and white dots will make this one of your favorites. Long apron red gingham ties and contrasting red and white top and pockets. Wear something to go with your cherry pie.

Grandma in Cherry yellow polka dot

Grandma apron in Cherry and polka dots 2179

A very old fashioned Old fashioned style with cherries on yellow with white polka dots on a pretty yellow background.

1940 in good old days

1940 apron in Good old Days 2069 and girls 33020

Have fun in a Retro 1940 apron in good old days. It has a soft cream background and nostalgic scenes of clothes hanging on the clothes line blowing in the wind with a girl playing holding her ball and a teddy bear. Close by is a laundry baskets full of clothes waiting to be hung and a ringer washer and an old hand water pump with a tin tub and washboard with clothes to be scrubbed by hand, we are very grateful to not have to do that now but it brings wonderful feelings when you wear this in the kitchen. It is quite a lovely scene even a teddy bear is hung out along with the socks and a small quilt. A good quality material with rick rack and old fashioned trim.
Be the chef while keeping clean in something you will love to wear. Memories of way back when and this has rick rack and long ties for a pretty bow in the front or back with large pockets to put your hands in.


White kitchen half apron

Retro White Half apron

All white Retro half aprons come in adult 305 and child 421 All white in an old time style that goes with about anything.


Grandma in Good Old Days

Grandma apron in Good Old Days 2070

Grandma used to wear them all the time, a nice one for Sunday and her ordinary one that hung on a hook in the kitchen. This cute smock apron will keep you clean while cooking and look fantastic.


Red truck apron

Red Truck and Dog Christmas

Cupcake Christmas apron with green polka dots

1940 Cupcake

Cupcake Christmas apron 1940 Christmas Cupcake women number 2093 Girls 33005

Matching mom and daughter outfits for fun with the family while baking with your loved ones. The little girl one has pretty round pockets and moms are square. Delightful decorated cupcakes that will give you ideas as you decorate your own cookies or cakes this holiday season. Its like wearing a decorative cookbook.


Close Up Holiday Time

Christmas aprons

Grandma red truck and dog Christmas

Red Truck Grandma Aprons 2213

Red trucks Retro red trailers and old woody station wagon car with dogs and Christmas presents. By the way, don't forget the dog that rides along in the woody station wagon.
Decorated trees top the car and vans and in the back of the red truck. Put this on when you start your cookies or family dinner for a fun conversation with all.



Grandma apron in Holiday Time

Grandma Holiday Time apron 2130
Available in round or square pockets, choose when ordering. A pretty apron with children and dogs sleighing and skiing.

Red gingham Christmas apron

Violet Apron Red gingham / Red snowflake

Aunt Violet apron in Red Gingham and Red Snowflakes 1087

Just another fun way to decorate this year with an old fashioned red gingham and white snowflakes apron on a matching red gingham background. Large pockets with white trim and rick rack and snowflakes to match. The ties come in red gingham not the snowflake as shown. This is washable and notice how it rests on your shoulder and does not pull on your neck

1940 red gingham with snowflakes

1940 Red Gingham apron with Red Snowflakes 1086 girls apron 299

1940 Christmas apron in red gingham with red snowflakes on the pockets and top will get you ready for the Holidays. Decorate yourself right along with your house. This will help get you in the mood for holiday cooking with your family.

Girl aprons

Front of 1940 child apron in red gingham

1940 red gingham Retro aprons women 121 girls 204
Red gingham is timeless and very pretty for matching mother and daughter aprons. What fun you can have with your daughter this season in matching outfits. It will be fun in the kitchen and something she will remember throughout her life. They are washable and well made

Small child apron in red gingham

Red Gingham child apron for boys or girls. This also comes in all our other ginghams and fabrics

Yellow Gingham Half Apron

Old Fashioned Retro Yellow half apron 20th Century half aprons are available in our many pretty fabrics. Above is a yellow gingham with large gingham pockets.

Pink polka dot aprons

1940 in Pink Polka Dot Mother Daughter

1940 Pink polka dot and pink gingham apron women number 33002 girls 20002

The above child one is shown in size petite but does come in small and large also. The adult size comes in petite small medium large and extra large for all our different body types. The two types of material mixed with the gingham pockets and ties will be a favorite.

Pink polka dots with pink gingham Retro apron

1940 in Pink Polka Dot and Pink Gingham

Retro 1940 apron in pink polka dots and pink gingham 2088 extra large girls 20002 girls Pink polka dots with pink gingham pockets top and long ties. Women and girl size aprons for fun in the kitchen.

Pink and white polka dot heart apron

Valentine Heart in Pink Polka Dot

Valentine lace heart aprons in Pink Polka Dots women number 2120 girl 33010

Heart apron in women and girl sizes with pretty lace. Pink and white hearts pockets with lace and a heart on the top for an elegant apron. Don't wait for Valentines day to look like a sweetheart, just put this on. The white on pink is a pretty contrast.


Handmade Christmas stockings made in America

Pink Polka Dot Christmas Stocking

Christmas stocking om Pink polka dot and pink gingham number 702

Hang this from your Christmas tree or hearth this hear as you create the memories to last a lifetime. These Christmas stockings are decorated on both sides so you can hang either way and are washable.

Something that will last and can be handed down. A stocking that is lined and ready to be stuffed with all the fun things you hope to get Christmas morning.

Cobbler pink rose apron

Pink Roses and Pink Polka Dots

Grandma apron in Pink roses and pink polka dots 2199
A very beautiful pink rose floral with pink polka dots on a soft pink background.
Trim and rick rack in pink and pink gingham apron strings.


Old fashioned gingham and polka dot apron

1944 Retro Red Polka Dot Half Apron

1944 Retro Red Polka Dot 374 $57.95 extra large $62.95

Retro red polka dots with white trim and white rick rack is oh so cute. Very retro looking and full to keep you clean in the kitchen while looking good.


Aunt Rosie in Red Polka Dot ruffle

Aunt Rosie full ruffle aprons in red polka dots style 2100

2etro red polka dots in the Aunt Rosie style a beautiful full ruffle apron with gathered round red gingham pockets for a feminine look. White trim around the bottom for a stylish flair and rick rack on the pockets and top is the finishing touch. Ruffles make us feel pretty and this is very full and flowing with long ties for a bow in the back or front depending on your size. The contrasting pockets stand out against the red background and add to the Retro look.

Aunt Rosie in OLd Fashioned Fruit on Yellow

Aunt Rosie apron in Old Fashioned Fruit on Yellow with ruffles 2176

Remember that table cloth on Grandmas table, you will feel the same wonderful thing you did back then when you put this on and wear it for fun and also for utility. The bottom has a full ruffle with red trim setting off the yellow background. Just throw it in the washer when it gets dirty.

Girl and toddler aprons

Small child in chicken garden

Small child apron chicken garden 271

This is just perfect for the young one or toddler. It has three large pockets in the front for those small hands to fill with their treasures. Easy on and off for the busy kids in your life and covers them to keep them clean. You may get the same material for them as you did for you and you will both match

1940 in Blue White Poka Dots

1940 Sky blue white polka dot child apron shown in little girl size 425 or a matching adult number 1020
She will look adorable in this. This is shown in size petite with plenty of room for her to grow. A place to put her little hands and a tie for a pretty bow in the back. Your little one will love being with you while she helps you make fun things.


Old fashioned aprons

Grandma in Blue Gingham with Blue Polka Dots

Grandma apron Blue Polka Dots 2003

Order this with round or square pockets at check out and you can always count on long ties at Stitch Thru Time. A very comfortable way to keep clean and look good at the same time. Notice how it will rest on your shoulders for comfort and also beauty.

    1940 red poka dot red gingham girl petite

    Girl 1940 red polka dot and red gingham for girls and mom with red gingham pockets and top, above style 251
    Happy kids that will love looking like mother or grandmother. This is shown in size petite and there is plenty more room for her to grown into it. Get this in matching mother daughter ones. She can dress like Mommy.

    Lip baby bib, click for more views

    1940 in Blue Gingham Blue Polka Dots

    1940 Blue gingham aprons with blue polka dots in women size 135 or child size 306

    All the fun things you think about when you think of the past in a design you will enjoy and use. The two fabrics compliment each other and the trim sets it off. The way this sets on your shoulders puts less stress on your neck. This is not like the modern type that have a small strip of fabric that tugs on your neck.

    Thanksgiving half apron perfect for the holidays

    ruffle half aprons

    1948 Riffle polka dot half apron 40042 girl 4056

    The 1948 Retro half apron comes with round or square pockets. The above one is shown with square but go to our 1948 page and you will see more, maybe another type of material you might like this in. You can wear it year around or during the Christmas or Thanksgiving holiday.

1940 in Autumn Leaf

1940 Autumn Leaf aprons number 1083 and also in matching girls number 316
Gold gingham set off the spray of autumn leaves. All the fun things of fall without having to get out your rake. Start with Thanksgiving and go through Christmas while looking good and keeping clean.




Grandma Old Fashioned Pumpkins holiday

Thanksgiving Aprons in the Grandma style above comes with round or square pockets 2160

Gold gingham ties that are long you will think you have on Aunt Bee's cobbler apron or just stepped out of a Norman Rockwell painting at Thanksgiving around the kitchen table with the family. It hangs on your shoulder and is not only great for covering your clothes and keeping you clean but pretty as well.
We also have this petty harvest material in our other styles so you can enjoy the harvest of pumpkins, and sunflowers.

Retro Christmas apron

1940 Christmas Aprons

1940 apron Trimming the tree Christmas aprons women 2278 girls 33040 Christmas apron in satin dress high heels and satin long gloves.

Trimming the tree


Beautiful Christmas aprons you can wear all year

1940 Vintage Trucks and Trailers Apron

1940 Christmas apron Vintage Trailers and Trucks number 2163 girl 33022 The perfect apron for those who have trailers and an RV Decorated pink red blue and turquoise vintage trailers and old red and blue trucks with snowflakes on a soft blue background. Retro camp trailers dressed up for the Holidays

Close up Vintage Christmas trailers and trucks

Old fashioned truck and trailer Christmas apron

Christmas carolers apron

Close up Christmas carolers apron. A soft blue background with children looking in the windows at Christmas time.

Christmas cobbler apron

Grandma Santa Claus apron

Santa Claus apron number 2291 $54.95 extra large $59.95 Retro Santa Claus apron with him making his list with retro ornaments decorated Christmas trees on a beautiful red background. A must for the holidays

Santa Claus apron


1940 in Autumn Leaf All Over

Thanksgiving apron Autumn leaf all over. The holiday decorations will be on you 1940 apron number 2061

You do not have to wait for the leaves to fall, just wrap yourself in a pretty apron. Gold trim and gold and white gingham apron ties that are long enough to wrap up front or tie in the back.

Start the holidays with autumn leaves

Autumn Leaf close up


Pink gingham apron

Grandma pink gingham old fashioned

Grandma apron pink gingham with large pink gingham pockets, style number 159 Pretty in pink gingham with our Grandma apron, you will love how it rests comfortably on your shoulder. Long ties for a pretty bow in the front or back., We have this in petite, small, medium, large and extra large because we don't believe one size fits all.



We had so many requests for black polka dots all over that we came up with Grandmas style and trimmed it in black. It will go with any of your black outfits and you can wear if at any party and keep clean while looking stylish.

Grandma Black Polka Dot All Over

Grandma apron in black polka dot all over 2102

This is shown with round pockets but also comes with square pockets, order what style you want when ordering. A perfect thing to wear with your little black dress.

Straight out of the 1950s and 1960s. The white is set off by the black background and looks fantastic. It covers well and looks very Retro

Retro Half  Black Polka Dot

Retro black polka dot half aprons 392 and girl matching one 436

White rick rack make this black and white polka dot pop. Large pockets and long ties just like the good old fashioned ones you remember your mother wearing. The rick rack stands out against the black with white ties. If you want it in all black let us know.

Old time aprons Made in America

Grandma in Black polka Dot with red trim

Grandma aprons black and white polka dots with red gingham pockets 1097

Get this cute contrasting red with black, it really pops and will stand out whenever you wear it. Choose your pocket shape when ordering.


Black and white polka dot mother daughter aprons

1940 Black Polka Dot Mother Daughter

Black and White Polka Dot aprons in 1940 apron number 1023 $54.95 extra large $59.95 girls #261 $39.95 large girls $44.95

Retro Black and white polka dot apron in women and girl sizes. Black with white polka dots with contrasting pocket and top. Girl apron shown in petite.


Grandma in trimming the tree

Grandma Christmas apron in Trimming the Tree 2277

Christmas with beautiful Retro dressed women in flowing red dresses high heels and Santa hats decorating with holiday wrapped packages around the Christmas tree. This will be a cute decoration that you will love wearing or hang it on a hook in your kitchen. Red polka dot pockets and red trim add to the Christmas fun and it is all washable. You may not decorate in heels and long satin gloves but we can dream.



Christmas on the farm



Red polka dot half apron

1944 in Red Polka Dot

1944 retro Red Polka Dot Women Half Aprons 374

It doesn't get better then this, elegant and flowing with large pockets. You will look beautiful in it any time. White trim and long ties make it fun to wear. There are large pockets with white trim that shows them off. White around the outside of this with rick rack make it a oh so pretty fun style to wear.

Grandma Christmas on the farm

Grandma Christmas on the farm number 2214 Cobbler full apron with a red barn you have always wanted and a horse and colt on a snow capped scene for the holidays or year round for horse lovers.

Old fashioned toys

Flying tops made in America

Whirly Skytops Old Fashioned Toys

Whirly Sky tops $6.75 each

Derived from Leonardo Da Vinci design for submarine propulsion. This hand prop is more fun in the air. Complete with flight instructions. Put the whirly sky top in between your hands and twirl it into the air. Very durable. Toys made in American


Old Fashioned Jumbo Jacks with 2 Rubber Balls and 200 white cotton carrying pouch $8.49

Remember at recess when you would play jacks with all the kids. These are the same quality jacks and rubber balls from the 60s. 5 gold jacks and 5 silver ones with two red rubber balls and a case to put them in. Teach your kids and grandchildren the fine art of playing jacks.

Halloween apron

1940 Halloween apron

1940 Halloween apron one of a kind apron
The Cutest Decoration will be on you in fanciful yellow orange gingham with black spiders. Assorted pockets of witches, pumpkins and all the things you think of on Halloween.

1940 Halloween apron number 1093 The Cutest Decoration will be on you in a darling yellow orange gingham with black spiders apron costume.

Red Polka Dot Snowflake Christmas Stockings

Red polka dot and red gingham with snowflake Christmas stockings 711

Who doesn't want a homemade Christmas stocking for the ultimate Christmas tree decorations. Christmas socks that can hang either way as they are finished on both sides. You may hang it from your mantle or your personalized stockings will be perfect on your Christmas tree. This stocking is lined and will be one you can pass down for generations and is washable.


You don't have to limit yourself or yellow blue red red as this comes in so many other pretty fabrics for every day or for the holidays.

Hokus Pokus Halloween apron


Halloween Hokus Pokus Women apron number 144

Fun for a Halloween decoration on you this Holiday season with black spiders on orange and yellow gingham with fanciful pockets of witches, pumpkins, ghosts, the moon, bats and goblins.
Each one has a variety of pockets with different pictures and sizes. You'll love the look with rick rack around the top of the apron and matching trim on arms, neck and top of pockets. Very old fashioned pattern you can enjoy throughout the Holidays. The ties come in black gingham.

If you are a Halloween fan this is a must, not so scary but fun.

Halloween apron pocket with witches

Kids rolling pins

Kids roller pin and Pastry Set

Kids rolling pin and pastry set with a small wooden rolling pin that will last for generations

This rolling pin is made at the same factory in American that makes regular size rolling pins, it is very good quality. Made to last for years.

We have families who have had these for years, their grand kids used them and now their children are using them also. A very good quality rolling pin for kids. We have a stock of these now but they have quite making them so when we are out they will no longer be available.

Old cookbooks with old time recipes

Pie Cookbook

Pie Making Made Easy $8.95

Come home to Pie, This fun cookbook shows you how to make a darn good pie in a jiffy.
You'll feel like you're back in your grandma's kitchen as she shows you how she rolls out her flaky, tender pie crust. Go to our cookbook page for recipes and more fun cookbooks.

Grandma Patriotic

Grandma Patriotic flag apron number 119

Celebrate the good old American red white and blue you won't find another one like this. Its just too neat to pass up. Choose the pocket style round or square when ordering. Blue trim matching the American flag with rick rack around the front and on the pockets. Notice how it sets on your shoulder for comfort and doesn't pull on your neck for added comfort.

Grandma in Old Fashioned USA

Grandma apron Old Fashioned USA 2037

Kids are waving banners of the flat of the United States of America. Red white and blue all the way with red trim set this off. Perfect for the one who loves this country and wants everyone to know it.




Aunt Violet in Old Fashioned USA

Aunt Violet apron Old fashioned USA 2036
Hip hip Hooray for the red white and blue, a beautiful deep blue background highlighted by nostalgic scenes of holiday fun.
American flags, drums, Angels carrying flags. For the holidays but don't just wear this on the 4th of July, but all year long.


Grandma Pine Branches and Pine Cones

Grandma apron Pine Branches and Pinecones 2284
A soft green background with snowflakes snow covered pine branches and pine cones with red berries. The picture does not do it justice. A very pretty scene on you for the holidays or throughout the year.





Pretty Little Witches

Thanksgiving Grandma aprons in Pretty Little Witches

Absolutely darling witches holding their black cat, tending bees, harvesting pumpkins in their witches hats. A soft lilac background with white polka dots flowers mushrooms and a variety of cute things. You will want to wear this year round it is so darling. The black gingham sets it off perfectly. This is also available with a beige background.


Witch apron

Pretty little witches