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Microwave Neck heating pad for deep heat to your neck and shoulder
Penetrating heat for the best neck heating pad pad you will every use
Put our neck heating pad on and you will never buy another, sold thousands ane never had one returned
Wrap it around your knee or put on your lower back
Reusable and lasts for years Made in America

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tel: 435-648-2141

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Neck and shoulder heating pad

We have sold thousands of neck heating pads and never had one returned, only more orders for friends and family it is the perfect gift that will be used.

Neck heating pads

Neck heating pad $28.95
It moulds to your neck and shoulders and the deep heat goes into your muscles for relief from pain. Wrap it around your knee ankle arm or lungs. We make ours with pockets so the contents stay put and deliver the relief you need to the area you put it on. All of our neck heating pads come with a washable pillowcase to keep the heating pad clean. You will have even heat that radiates deep to your muscles unlike an electric sunbeam heating pad ours goes much deeper.

When we demonstrate them at a show the first thing that comes out of their mouth is ah and then they buy one. Many times they will get more than one for gift giving for someone who is in need of a neck pad also. It will be the best thing you can give to yourself and others. We have instructions with each pad for easy gift giving or yourself.

Achy muscles are an every day thing so why not pamper your sore body with one of our heating pads. We have special designed ones that are for different parts of your body. If taken care of properly your microwave heating pad can last for years and with the washable pillowcase on each one they stay clean and the heat lasts longer and it feels wonderful next to your body.
Reusable in the microwave we have many customers who have used theirs for years and order more to give as gifts. This is not a heating pad that is a one time thing but well worth what you pay for it. Just try it once and you will see what we are talking about, we have never had a return and we have sold thousands over the years.

Neck heating pad for your neck back sciatic nerve anywhere that hurts. Instructions with each neck heating pad for yourself or easy gift giving
For the person who has everything including an achy body.

Great for men too

Neck pad $28.95
Every heating pad comes with a soft flannel washable cover that not only keeps your pad clean but helps keep the heat in. You may also order extra covers at $9.95 each.

You may also use it also as a cold pack instead of ice by putting it in the freezer and the soft cover against your body makes it much more comfortable against your skin.

This is fitted for your upper body or turn it upside down and it fits your your lower back perfectly. Wrap it around your sciatic nerve knee or thigh for comfort to relax your muscles with the deep and even warmth you will only get with this one.

This can be used cold or hot if you need it around your knee or ankle for relief, all this in one pad. Washable pillowcase included with all our pads and best of all it is made in America

Customer Comment
Thank you!  I have been buying your neck wraps for work for some time now love the quality pillow case style and very well made.  Like that it has separate sections, so it does not slide to one side.  It heats up real good too! Carol G, Orinda, California

It will comfort you with deep relaxing warmth and a gift that is used over and over, some of our customers have had theirs for many years. Great for Plantar Fascists because it wraps around you foot for even heat.

Our own special design is made to curve to your neck and body and because we have pockets the contents stay in one place for even deep heat wherever you put it.

If it gets soiled to clean it you remove the cover and it can be washed in the washing machine and when ordering choose between a plaid or floral flannel pillowcase.

Drapes over shoulders

Deep heat radiates into your body and you will feel instant comfort. They measure approximately 6 inches wide by 31 inches long and are curved. Some of our customers take them to work and use them while they are at their computers or you can just wear it around the house.

We make ours with pockets so the contents distributes evenly throughout the area for a deep even heat.. It wraps around your sciatic nerve really well to help sooth the pain.

Our own special design fits so comfortable on your neck, shoulder or both of them together.

Turn it upside for a lower back pad, it fits perfectly to around your lower back. Wrap it around your knee for warmth or use it as a cold pack. Wrap it around your ankle for a warm ankle or use it for an ankle cold pack. Use hot or cold for a migraine, all this in one.

Neck pad

Only $28.95 and comes with a pillowcase

Comfortable for your shoulder or push it up to cover your entire top part. Once you use our style you will never switch to another heating pad, and what is great about ours is your can use it over and over.

We were at a show where we had a customer come up just as someone else was asking how long they last. She was one of our previous customers and told her she had hers for seven years and uses it daily and it is still good. This is not the first time this has happened, others have done the same thing at multiple shows. Our customers are very loyal and come back because this is just that wonderful.

Lower back heating pad

Use it for your lower back

Turn it upside down and it fits the curve of your lower back for the most comfortable lower back heating pad you will ever use, it heats that well. Deep even heat evenly throughout because of our special designed with pockets. You can hold it up on its side and the contents don't move to one side, the best on the market and no others come close.

We include Instructions for you or if you give one to someone else they make the perfect gift that will be used over and over.


It fits men or women

Notice the way it curves around your neck, you may have it on the upper part or spread it out and it covers you neck and shoulder. Our special design makes it perfect for your body.

The contents stay put unlike others that all go to the front or back. That is why we make the neck pad with pockets to make sure you have even warmth throughout.

This is one of the most widely used neck heating pads used by massage therapists to relax the body because of the comfort when you using it. We also have hair stylist and barbers that use this on their customers and it is portable you can take to work or on trips and is made to last.

Turn the neck heating pad upside down and use it for your lower back or throw it over your shoulder and down your upper back or wrap around one or both knees.

This may be used all over your body. The special design helps it to drape comfortably around your areas of the body that are in need of comfort.

Order extra pad covers for $9.95 each in plaid or floral flannel and they are all washable.

We have people who have wrapped it around their lungs for comfort when they have had pleurisy.



The very best neck heating pad you can buy, you deserve it

Neck Heating Pad

Use it for sprains, it wraps around all parts of your body comfortably.

Pillowcase makes it soft and keeps the heat in

Special design for Stitch Thru Time

Customer Comments

Thank you! I received the pad a couple of days ago and it feels wonderful! This is the first real relief I've had for my neck in months. I'm grateful and delighted to have discovered your product. Sincerely Judy, Stony Brook, NY.

I received my order and am quite satisfied. All the pads and covers are beautifully done. I am using them for myself, my oldest cat, and giving some for Christmas gifts. Thanks so much!!! Happy Holidays to you and yours! Sincerely Vicki OH! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Your pad is marvelous! Better than advertised. It came perfectly packaged.. I am SO pleased! I love the shape and design and was surprised to see that it had a removable, washable cover. I suppose it was advertised as such; but I must have overlooked it!

I will tell everyone I know! I have such pain in my lower back from severe arthritis. It also affects my knees. This is PERFECT! Thank you again, Judy Hi,

The pads arrived yesterday in good shape. I especially like the way the shoulder pad fits. Thanks, Fran

Our nieces have confiscated our pads and we are in need of new ones! Thank you for a great product. My wife won't travel without them! Eric
They had a neck and square heating pad for nine years before ordering new ones and the nieces are still using them.



Neck Heating Pad

The response from our customers has been overwhelming, you will not find the comfort you get with ours in any other pad. Ours is simply that comforting.

More customer comments

Hello, The pads arrived this weekend. They look and feel great. Thank you. Nurit

Got them today I think I'm getting the flu and I heated the pad up, okay it was a Christmas present for somebody else, but not anymore it feels so good I love it. And my hubby likes it too cause it doesn't stink (lavender) like my other ones. Anyway, thanks so much and have a great holiday. Clara


You are right! My neck pad is wonderful, better than an others that I have had. Julie

I've had other heating pads before but never have they fit my body and comforted like these, thanks so much. Susan

Just a note to let you know we received the heating pad. My wife loves it. Thank you so much. Steve

I received one of your neck pads a couple of years ago as a gift... I have another use for you, LOL... Not only does it soothe aching muscles, but... I am extremely cold natured and my husband is NOT, so this is a TERRIFIC help to me to keep from being cold all over. I heat it up, throw it around my neck and VOILA, I'm not cold! It has worked wonders. I am gonna need to get a new one, LOL Karen K NQ Arkansas

Love my neck pad! It is the best thing I have ever bought for myself. I use it on my neck and then turn it upside down and use it on my back. The washable pillowcase makes it so easy to keep clean. I will be a regular customer for gifts for friends and family, that will make me very popular. I know they will use it! George


You will be immediately comforted when you put your neck heating pad on your body

This comes with no cord and you will be surprised how long it stays warm and when it cools down just throw it in the microwave and reheat it.

Your neck pad packs easily, wear it on trips there is always a microwave available and at work when you are on the computer or just around the house.

We can't say enough nice things about this wonderful item. It is by far the best thing we carry. If you were to try one on today you would buy one in an instant. It is so versatile because it can fit anywhere. You won't just use this on the top of your body but other parts as well.

Another feature about our product is we make it with pockets so when you pick it up it does not move all to one end. It is an even comfortable fit and distributes all throughout for hot or cold use.

In all the many years we have been selling this we have never had one returned, only more orders to give as gifts. We have some customers that order them in for Christmas and give them to the whole family because they are just that good.

This is truly for the person who had everything, including an achy body.

Dog not included.

Lg Heating pad

Extra Large heating pad 10" x 26" 801 $42.95
Large Heating Pad 10" x 18 1/2" 802 $34.95
Sizes are approximate

All our large heat pads come with removable pillowcase and they are all washable to keep the inside clean. Throw the whole thing in the microwave to heat and if it gets dirty simply remove the cover and wash it. It come with 1 cover, but if you want to order an extra pillowcase the prices are below.

Extra Cover 10 x 26" $15.95
Extra Cover 10 x 18 1/2" $10.95

You may choose from a Plaid or Floral flannel pillowcase and one is included with your order. They are made with pockets so there is even heat throughout for added comfort and deep down to your muscles for maximum relief

They can be used hot or cold. This is the preferred one for people, dogs and cats. You will love this almost as much as your dog or cat if not more. Because we make our microwave heating pads with pockets the insides won't run from one place to another, they stay in place for even heat or cold.


Large Heating Pads

10 Pocket Rectangular heating pad

Extra Large heating pad 10" x 26" number 801 $42.95
Large heating pad 10" x 18 1/2" number 802 $34.95

Large microwave pad covers your back, knee, elbow, leg or anywhere you need heat or cold It will cover your parts of your body or use as a bed warmer. You will be surprised how long they stay warm. You will get even warmth throughout because we make it with pockets so the contents stay put and don't go to one side.

It covers your body where it needs it or brings warmth deep into your muscles. Because it is larger it stretches to cover more parts of your body at once.
You may order extra pillowcases, they come in plaid or floral flannel.

Extra covers
10 x 26" $15.95
10 x 18 1/2" $10.95


Square Heating Pad

Heating Pad $13.95 ea

Our heating pads will comfort you on a cold winter night, throw it in your bed and you'll be surprised how long it lasts. The perfect bed warmer.

They all come with a soft washable pillowcase just heat in the microwave and use it over and over and it lasts or you may put in the freezer for a cold pack.

If your body is achy or sore use this pad and it will ache no more.

You may buy extra heating pad pillowcases for only $6.49. Our square heat pads are durable for many years of use. Take it to bed just like the old fashioned bed warmers, thy are much better than an electric heating pad as no cord is needed and the heat goes down slowly so not worries about electricity while your in bed

Back heating pads

Back heating pad

Back Heating Pad with special design to fit your back $36.95 Covers come in assorted plaid or floral flannel. An easy to clean flannel pillowcase that keeps the heat in and each order comes with one cover and you may order extra covers for $10.95 each.

Back heating pad has special design to mould to your back. Once you have tried our special designed back heating pad you won't use another. It sooths the pain and ache away and you will love the way it fits your body. It also fits your upper body with ease.

Neck heating pads

Neck heating Pad $28.95

This is by far he Cadillac of heating pads. You will never find another one that feels as good or lasts as long because our special design forms to your neck shoulder knees and back and the inside will not move around because it is made with pockets so not only does it give you the even heat but because of the shape it forms perfectly to your neck..

Removable washable pillowcase keeps it clean while helping keep the heat in. It also makes the cold last longer also if you use it as a cold pack we have many customers who use it after a knee injury to bring the swelling down.



We have never had a neck heating pad returned in all the years we have sold them. You will not find a better one on the market. We wish we could warm one up and try it on you because we know you would want it immediately. This year with covid 19 we are unable to do the shows that we have done for years. At them we warm our neck heating pads up to demonstrate them and when someone tries on one they take it home. They feel that good.


Neck Heating Pads



When should I use ice instead of heat to treat pain?

Acute injuries and inflammation should be treated with ice not heat. Cold therapy cryotherapy is beneficial for those conditions because it decreases blood flow to the region and this helps decrease regional inflammation. It is important to recognize that new onset, severe pain may be the manifestation of a serious medical condition, requiring immediate assessment by a physician and appropriate, definitive treatment. Deep lacerations, acute appendicitis, fractures, and neoplasms, to name a few, need to be diagnosed and treated by a doctor, not a hot or cold pack.


Heat helps soothe sore muscles that cause back pain or neck pain. It works best for injuries that are at least few days old. Heat opens blood vessels, which can assist the healing process and alleviate some of your pain. Additionally, some arthritis pain from stiff joints can benefit from heat as blood flow increases. Heat can also help loosen muscles when tension headaches strike.


When tissue is damaged like sprains, strains or freshly pulled muscles it causes inflammation, creating swelling, which is your body’s way of preventing you from further injuring yourself.

Applying cold is helpful when you want to reduce swelling, inflammation and pain. It can also reduce painful muscle spasms. Be sure to immediately ice a new injury to keep swelling in check and reduce the pain of pressure on the injury.



Use an ice pack, a frozen towel, or, even a bag of frozen vegetables - peas and corn work great. Keep the ice on up to 20 minutes at a time, using a towel to avoid direct contact between the ice pack and your skin. Let the area get numb, wait and hour and then you can reapply the cold pack, if necessary. Ice should only be used up to three days following injury. After that, you might want to check-in with your doctor.

Ice application to an acute injury is generally safe. To avoid the risks, limit your usage to 20 minutes at a time and avoid using super cold products. Do not let yourself fall prey to frostbite due to prolonged application to fingers, toes, ears, nose. And avoid nerve injury, particularly the ulnar nerve on the inside of your elbow and the peroneal nerve on the outside of your knee.



Use a heating pad or a warm towel to help relieve muscle aches and tension. Be sure not to cause yourself more pain and avoid burns by using a towel between the heating pad and your skin. As with ice, only apply heat for about 20 minutes at a time.

What kind of pain responds well to heat therapy?

It is important to know which kind of pain you should treat with heat and which pain you should not because you are likely to actually make it worse. 

Heat therapy thermotherapy provides safe and effective pain relief for a variety of non-inflammatory conditions, both acute and chronic. Why, Because muscle pain - whether due to overexertion, tired muscles, aching muscles, muscle cramps, muscle spasms, trigger points or knots responds very well to heat. Heat dilates blood vessels and improves regional blood flow, washing away lactic acid a painful by product of overexertion.

Simultaneously, heat activates a number of processes within muscle cells, which restore muscle health and provide pain relief: heat turns on protective proteins and genes that decrease cellular damage; reduces tissue oxidative stress; prevents muscle atrophy and promotes muscle regeneration. 

Studies have shown that heat therapy can reduce muscle soreness when applied after or before exercising

Heat therapy may also enhance the benefits of weight training and help you gain muscle mass. Finally, heat has a powerful positive psychological effect on us. Our brains are wired to interpret warmth as safety and comfort. Heat feels comfortable and reassuring and reassurance is an analgesic pain killer.

The judicious application of heat can provide much needed and drug-free pain relief to people suffering from chronic back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, or other joint pain. Applied against the facial sinuses and eyelids, moist heat or dry heat therapy can soothe the nagging pain or pressure of chronic sinusitis, sinus headache, tension headache, stye, chalazion, dry eyes, or blepharitis.


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