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1948 Ruffle Half Aprons. Retro half apron with ruffles all the way around and made in America
Elegant for in the kitchen or anywhere. Perfect for a waitress and as a gift for the bride
This apron was worn by the servers at the Kate Spade grand opening in Hong Kong

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1948 Ruffle Matching Mother Daughter Ruffle Half Aprons

1948 Ruffle red gingham

1948 Ruffle Red Gingham half apron ladies 40031 $58.95 extra large $63.95, girls 4049 $46.95.

Shown with round pockets but you can get all of the 1948 style with round or square pockets. Red gingham with red gingham apron ties, very retro red gingham but timeless with white trim and rick rack.

Soft ruffles surround this and it is washable and made in America.

A small company with a big heart

1948 Ruffle White with Red Trim with Red Gingham ties

1948 Ruffle Half Aprons in White with red trim and Gingham ties women 40040 $58.95 extra large $63.95, girl 4055 $46.95.

1948 white with red rick rack and trim around pretty pockets lined in red. Red gingham ties finish off this pretty style.

Like the old fashioned retro kitchen and restaurant half aprons from the 1940s and 1950s.

1948 Blue Polka Dot half apron

1948 Blue Polka Dot Ruffle with white trim Ladies 40041 $58.95 extra large $63.95 girls 4056 $46.95.

Shown with square pockets but available with round pockets also. Blue background with white polka dots and white rick rack set this off .
. Blue polka dot ruffle around this pretty style with white trim makes it pop.
Aprons made in the USA

1948 Ruffle White half apron with blue trim

1948 white blue trim 40027 $58.95 extra large $63.95
Child #4045 $46.95 It comes with round or square pockets.
The blue trim and blue rick rack on the pockets and around the ruffle with blue gingham ties add to the beauty of this and get one each for matching mother daughter aprons.

1948 Ruffle Blue Gingham

1948 Ruffle Blue Gingham 40033 $58.95 extra large $63.95 girl half apron 4050 $46.95.

All over in blue gingham. An old fashioned one made America with a pretty blue gingham ruffle.

Blue trim and blue rick rack on the pockets and around the ruffle. Perfect for a Country Wedding servers of a gift for the bride.

1948 White with Gold Trim

1948 Ruffle White with gold trim 40026 $58.95 extra large $63.95. Girls 4044 $46.95.
This comes with gold trim on the pockets and ruffle and gold gingham. An old fashioned half apron you'll enjoy in the kitchen.

This is prefect for weddings or just elegant to wear. Perfect for serving at home a holiday or wedding. Darling half apron.

All aprons are made in America

1948 Ruffle

1948 Ruffle 40012 $58.95 extra large $63.95 girls 4035 $46.9 The one above is shown in a child size. It comes in a mother and girl style with pretty round or square pockets pink trim and pink rick rack. Very pretty and a popular apron for the wedding apron servers.
This pretty half apron comes in all our other fabrics below also.

Made in the USA


1948 Ruffle

1948 ruffle half aprons white with pink trim shown in woman size 40012 $58.95 extra large $63.95, girl ruffle half apron 4035 $46.95.
This comes with round or square pockets. Ladies and girls are a darling style for the family. Ruffles come with pink on the pockets and pink rick rack all around the apron



1948 Ruffle Yellow Gingham

1948 Ruffle in Yellow Gingham Ladies 40034 $58.95 extra large $63.95 girls 4051 $46.95.

Choose either round or square pockets in the 1948 Ruffle half aprons in yellow gingham with yellow rick rack and trim. A soft yellow style in pretty yellow gingham.

Red Cherries Yellow Polka Dot

1948 Ruffle Cherry half aprons 40046 $58.95 extra large $63.95.

Yellow polka dots with cherries and contrasting red polka dot pockets and red rick rack with trim make this a retro style you will love.
The ruffle on this apron is red polka dots a really cute apron.

1948 Ruffle Pink Gingham

1948 Ruffle Pink Gingham Lady 40030 $58.95 extra large $63.95. Girls 4048 $46.95.

Pink gingham with pink rick rack. Gathered round pockets with pink rick rack and pink trim or square pockets with pink rick rack set off this lovely ruffle half apron. You can also get it with square pockets.

A feminine one with an old fashioned look.

1948 Ruffle White

1948 Ruffle Ladies 40042 $58.95, extra large $63.95 girl 4057 $46.95.

1948 apron available with round or square pockets

This all white ruffle half apron shown with square pockets. A pretty ruffle half apron for the kitchen or just around the house. White 1948 Retro Ruffle Half Aprons with white pockets.

This is the apron that was worn at the Kate Spade store opening in Hong Kong by their servers.

1948 Ruffle Green Gingham

1948 Green Gingham 40035 $58.95 extra large $63.95 girls 4052 $46.95.

Choose either round or square pockets

1948 Ruffle in pretty green gingham with white rick rack and trim contrast to make this a beautiful one in woman or girl sizes.

Matching Mother Daughter Ruffle Half Aprons









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