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Enjoy your apron like your grandma and mother and cook memories along with food for dinner


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Aprons Made in America

1940 Red Gingham Apron

1940 Red gingham retro apron #121 $49.95 extra large $54.95 girl #204 $39.95 child large $44.95

You will love the way this beautiful vintage style looks on you. The top and pockets are a large gingham with the rest of the apron in a small red and white gingham. Just like your grandmother and mother used to wear. This was worn by the 50 volunteers at the honoring of the veterans on D day celebration in Charleston West Virginia. It comes in red yellow blue and lilac gingham and our other pretty fabrics. A stylish vintage style that is washable for easy clean up.

Red Gingham heart apron, click for more colors and larger view

Heart Gingham Apron for that special someone Available in woman and child sizes. Red blue pink or yellow gingham and other pretty material but all have large rick rack from the 1950s apron collection and many other pretty fabrics in woman and child sizes.
Our heart apron was worn by The Nanny on "The View" with Rosie O'Donnell February 13th 2008 and also has been on the cover of the Washington Post.
An old fashioned heart with trim will help make this one of your favorites. For your special Valentine.
Some of our customers call it the I Love Lucy or June Cleaver apron.

1940 Child aprons

1940 gingham child aprons also comes in 1940 women sizes. These beautiful ginghams are available in 3 child sizes and 4 women sizes.

Yellow Blue and Red Gingham with old fashioned pockets trim and rick rack. Comes in our other pretty material for every day and we have some really nice material for the holidays. Look at all the beautiful material you may get these retro 1940 aprons in red Gingham aprons for the old Retro apron look.

Red gingham half aprons

Red Gingham Retro Half Apron from the 1950s #303 $47.95 extra large $52.95 girl retro half apron #406 $43.95.

Retro red gingham with large gingham pockets. It will bring back memories of your mother in the kitchen wearing one and also comes in blue yellow pink green and violet gingham plus our other pretty fabrics.

1940 in Christmas Carolers

1940 in Christmas carolers aprons #2027 $49.95 extra large $54.95 girl #307 $39.95 child large $44.95.

1940 in nostalgic Christmas Carolers with a soft blue background and singing Victoria dressed children next to old fashioned lamp post. All we can say is cute. This darling Christmas one is reminiscent of Christmas past. Christmas carolers Christmas trees and kids looking in the window at toys hoping for one under their tree. Something to put you in the holiday spirit this year. This pretty material is also available in our other styles.

Aunt Rosie Old Fashioned Fruit On Yellow

Aunt Rosie Old Fashioned Fruit on Yellow #2176.

Aunt Rosie old fashioned fruit with a soft yellow background with green rick rack and strawberries, peaches and cherries. This will remind you of all the meals around Grandma's kitchen table.

Rose Red gingham

Aunt Rose in Red gingham Women Apron #1090

Get ready for the holidays and cook the things you want and still look pretty.
Aunt Rose in red gingham with red snowflake pockets. Click for a larger view.

Pink Heart apron, click for larger picture

Pink Gingham Heart Apron #160 now comes in pretty pink for your special someone. This also comes in red blue yellow violet gingham and many of our other pretty fabrics including holiday fabric. Made in America.

Grandma in Good Old Days,

Grandma in Good Old Days #2070 shown with with round pockets but you may order square ones if you prefer.

A comfortable old fashioned cobbler apron that rests on your shoulders with pretty round pockets. A clothesline with quilts teddy bears clothes and an ironing board old wash tub and ringer washer. A little girl sits with her teddy bear by a basketful of clothes and her cat is watching. Pretty hand made quilts hanging on the clothesline are just some of the nostalgic scenes in this beautiful retro style.

1940 Good Old Days

1940 Good Old Days #2069 $49.95 extra large $54.95 girl #33020 $39.95 large $44.95

1940 in a soft cream background with old fashioned scenes of old washboards children playing under the clothesline and cats lying next to the clothes basket. A darling chef kitchen apron you will love to wear.

You will thoroughly enjoy the memories of way back when.

Victory in  Red Gingham

Victory Full Apron in Red Gingham #173 $59.95 ex large $65.95 girls #4000 $49.95

The red gingham is lined in red trim around the bottom and white rick rack straight out the 1940s with darling large gingham pockets. . A year round style that can be worn anytime.

Victory Strawberry Half Apron

Victory Half Apron of strawberries. This style is from the 1940s 1950s one your grandmother and mother wore. Red gingham on the pockets with rick rack and long gingham ties. You'll love it.

Victory now comes in a full style, click here to see how pretty they are

Patriotic click for larger view


1940 Patriotic #170 $49.95 extra large $54.95 girl #231 $39.95d large $44.95.

The American flag with red gingham on the top and long ties. If you want square pockets let us know. A very pretty patriotic outfit for you to wear year round. Forth of July year round.

American Flag Face Mask

American Flag Face mask in men women and kids $14.95

There is wire by the nose to have a tighter fit and we make them with four layers, two of them are cotton and two layers of interfacing on the inside. We have a variety of material for men women and kids. Soft elastic around the ear for more comfort. Washable

1940 Cherry Aprons

1940 Cherry Aprons #2178 $49.95 extra large $54.95
Retro 1940 cherry apron with yellow background white polka dots and red polka dot pockets and ties.
It can be cherry season year round with red cherries that look like you just picked it off your cherry tree. This one is darling.

Grandma Cherry Yellow Polka Dot Apron

Grandma Cherry Apron #2179 $49.95 extra large $54.95.
Grandma old fashioned cobbler style with cherries on a soft yellow background polka dots and red polka dot pockets and as always we have long ties to tie in the back or bring around the front.

Grandma aprons

Grandma Apron $49.95 extra large $54.95

Old Fashioned aprons like Grandmother wore in her kitchen. Rick rack around the apron neck and large pockets with pink trim. Pockets come in round or square. Long gingham apron ties make it easy to tie in the front or back.

1940 4th of July

4th of July Apron, #139 $49.95 extra large $54.95 and matching girls #209 $39.95 child large $44.95.

1940 1950 in patriotic stars n stripes. An old fashioned Americana apron you'll enjoy for the holidays or throughout the year. Red white and blue flag on the top and pockets with deep blue trim. White and red tick rack add the finishing touch.

1940 Old Time Christmas with Red Trim, click for more views

1940 Old Time Village Christmas Apron with red trim.
#1072 $50.95 extra large $55.95 girl #294 $39.95 child large $44.95

The red trim and rick rack stand out and this even has rick rack around the neck and should put you in the Holiday mood. You may get this in Mother and daughter matching aprons. For larger view go to our Christmas page or 1940 apron page.

Old Time Village Christmas close up
Old Time Village Christmas

Close up of old fashioned village Christmas in with snowmen snow covered cottages Christmas trees with and Christmas wreaths hanging on their door. Contrasting pockets with snow covered trees in a festive holiday scene will make this one of your favorite Christmas Aprons.
Make an old fashioned Victorian Christmas with a pretty Holiday aprons.

Grandma  Lilac Pansy

Grandma in Lilac Pansy the grandma apron is available in all our fabrics but one above is no longer available. We still have this picture so you can see how well it fits.
It rests on your shoulder comfortably and covers your clothes front and sides to keep you clean and does not pull on your neck, you will love the way this pretty one fits. Mix and match this with the same material and other styles and have matching mother daughter aprons.

Grandma Yellow gingham, click for larger view

Grandma in Yellow Gingham #158 $49.95 extra large $54.95

This is shown with yellow pockets in a larger gingham but also available with square pockets when ordering. A larger gingham on the pockets for the old fashioned look. It fits comfortably on your shoulders and does not pull on your neck. A fun Granny cobbler style.

1940 Red Poka Dot, click for larger view

1940 Red Polka Dot #189 $49.95 extra large $54.95 girl #251 $39.95 child large $44.95. The red with white polka dots and red gingham really blend beautifully together and it has long gingham ties to match.

A very pretty one to take you back to the 1930s 1940s and 1950s. This is available in matching mother and daughter aprons.

1940 red poka dot, click for larger view

Red gingham and red polka dot #133 $49.95 extra large $54.95 girls#246 $39.95 child large $44.95.

A very retro looking style that fits well. It rests comfortably on your shoulders and you'll look great while enjoying your family in the kitchen. Red and white rick rack will make this a perfect one for you in your retro kitchen. When you are not wearing it hang it on a hook for decoration.


Aunt Sophie pink gingahm, click for more views

Aunt Sophie Pink Gingham Woman Apron #1007 $59.95 extra large $64.95

Beautiful pink gingham with white rick rack and trim accent this and aunt Sophie comes in many of our pretty apron fabrics.

1940 Pink Polka Dot / Pink Gingham, click for larger view

1940 pink polka dot and Pink Gingham #33002 $49.95 extra large $54.95 girl, aprons #20002 $39.95, child large $44.95

1940 Old Fashioned in pink with white polka dot and pink gingham pockets and top.
An oh so cute retro one for mother and daughter or grandmother and granddaughter for fun in the kitchen.

1940 Sky blue/white poka dot child apron, click for more child aprons and larger view

1940 Sky Blue white polka dot comes in women and girl sizes #1020 $49.95 extra large $54.95 and girl size #425 $39.95 child large $44.95

This darling 1940 child in sky blue polka dot with contrasting white blue pockets. White rick rack on pocket and the bottom is the finishing touch with cute round pockets are perfect to put her little hands in.

This pretty little girl is 2 years 2 months old and is a little petite for her age. She is wearing a size petite child.

1940 child apron in 3 sizes, petite small and large

1940 Child apron measurements from shoulder to bottom of aprons. Waist size of apron without strings.
Petite around 20" height shoulder to bottom of apron by 16" apron width
Small around 26" height shoulder to bottom of apron by 19"apron width
Large around 30"height shoulder to bottom of apron by 23"apron width



Violet Old Time Village Christmas, click for larger view

Aunt Violet in Old Time Village Christmas #1084 $49.95 extra large $54.95

This comes with pretty red trim and rick rack but you may also get it with ivory or green trim. Contrasting pockets of snow covered mountain with pine trees snow covered cottages snowmen and wreaths on the cottage doors.

Grandma Apron Old Time Christmas

Old fashioned Grandma in Old Time Christmas #1071 49.95 extra large $54.95

A pretty retro look with pretty scenes that will get you in the mood for Christmas with snowmen Christmas trees snow covered houses with Christmas wreaths hanging on the door. A fun one for the holidays.

Violet Red gingham / Red snowflake, click for more Violet aprons

Aunt Violet in Red gingham Red Snowflake. #1087 $49.95 extra large $54.95.

Just another fun way to decorate for Christmas in an old fashioned apron of red gingham and white snowflakes on matching red background.

Large pockets with white trim and rick rack and the ties comes in red gingham not snowflake material shown. The white trim stands out against the gingham for a clean look. Very pretty to wear during the holidays and best of all this covers well the front and sides to keep you clean while you are making all those goodies. But best of all it rests comfortably on your shoulders.

Grandma red gingham / red snowflake, click for more views

Grandma Apron in red gingham red snowflake #1088 $49.95 extra large $54.95.

The red gingham with red snowflakes pockets and white trim really stands out. The ties come in red gingham, not the snowflake that is shown. What a fun way to enjoy the holidays wearing this.

Click for larger view of this pretty Christmas Aprons.

Grandma Apron Pink Bud Rose, click for larger view

Grandma Apron in Pink bud rose.

This pretty one rests comfortably on your shoulders with long gingham ties. You may also get this in many pretty fabrics and it comes with round or square pockets.

Back of Grandma Fantasy back

Back of Grandma Apron, click for more Grandma Aprons.

Rose apron Red gingham

Aunt Rose Apron in Red gingham women apron #109 $49.95, extra large $54.95

Rose Holiday Rose Apron

Aunt Rose Aprons

Thanksgiving and Christmas will be so fun in our holiday aprons. Check out all the pretty ones we have that will help you create new memories this Holiday and everyday.

Yellow Heart Apron Click for more views

Yellow heart apron #118, Red gingham heart apron #116, blue gingham heart apron #117, Yellow gingham heart apron #118, Pink Gingham heart apron #160 and all white heart apron #1075.

This lovely full heart apron comes in red, pink, blue, violet, yellow gingham and many of our other pretty fabrics with contrasting trim on the pockets and bottom of the heart apron.

Rick rack on the bottom of our heart apron and pockets add to the retro look.

Our customers call this the I Love Lucy Apron

Above apron shown in size large, the perfect one for your special Valentine.

Violet in Black Polka Dot

Aunt Violet in black polka dot #1035 $49.95 extra large $54.95

Black background with white polka dots and white background with black polka dot pockets. The contrast really stands out. You may also get this in black polka dot all over. Ties come in all black not white polka dot as shown. A retro one that covers well while you while making food and memories in the kitchen.

You may also get the Aunt Violet apron in Black Polka Dot all over #2148.

Aunt Violet Old Fashioned USA

Aunt Violet in Old Fashioned USA #2036 $49.95 ex large $54.95

Three cheers for the red white and blue with a beautiful deep blue background and nostalgic scenes of holiday fun. Drums American flags angels holding flags as they fly through the air, truly a beautiful one not just for July 4th but to wear all year long.

Cherry Yellow half apron

Retro Half Aprons Half aprons you'll love to wear!


1940 Red poka dot -red gingham, click for larger view

1940 Red Polka Dot Red gingham #189 $49.95, extra large $54.95 girl #251 $39.95 child large $44.95.

1940 red polka dots with style and with red gingham on the top pockets and ties that is very retro looking. Matching mother daughter grandmother and granddaughter aprons for the whole family. Retro red polka dots with pretty long red gingham ties. Washable for many memories in the kitchen.

Rose apron in blue gingham, click for larger view

Aunt Rose cobbler style apron in Blue Gingham. #110 $49.95 extra large $54.95 matching girl sizes #227 $39.95 large girl $44.95.

There is blue gingham with a larger gingham on the pockets and white rick rack and trim give it a clean look. A full vintage style that covers you and is easy to clean as it is washable.

Pretty round pockets and long ties and you will like the way this fits.



1943 Half apron

1943 Half apron in Paper Dolls #143.Remember when you used to play with paper dolls? You can get this pretty ruffle apron in many of our beautiful floral, gingham, Christmas and Harvest fabrics.

Hokus Pokus Apron, click for more views

Hokus Pokus Women Apron. Women Halloween apron #144 $49.95, extra large $54.95. Halloween apron of orange and yellow gingham checks with small black spiders is just darling. Yellow rick rack and trim around the neck and on the pockets.

Fanciful Halloween pockets with witches, pumpkins, ghosts and everything you like about Halloween. Halloween apron pockets are different sizes, which add to the whimsical look of this fun apron.

One of the fun pockets on our Hokus Pokus apron

One of our fun pockets on our Halloween apron. There are different pockets with witches, pumpkin men, a variety on this Halloween apron.

1944 Retro Red Polka Dot Half Apron

1944 retro red polka dot Half Apron #374 $57.95 extra large $62.95

Retro red polka dots with white trim and white rick rack set off this beautiful full half style, it will be one of your favorite. Stylish World War II apron.

1940 Raspberry Floral with lilac gingham

1940 Raspberry floral with Lilac Gingham #126 $49.95 extra large $54.95.

A beautiful soft lilac gingham with contrasting raspberry hydrangea flowers and lilac gingham long ties.

Lilac pansy half apron, click for larger view

Retro half apron comes in many of our pretty fabrics. No longer in this material but we kept it on so you can see how well it fits. Our retro half apron you may get this in matching mother and daughter ones.

1940 Blue Gingham, click for more views

1940 Blue gingham #122 $49.95 extra large $54.95 girls #202 $39.95 child large $44.95.

Ready to wear in old fashioned 1940 1950 style that does not pull on your neck like those modern ones but it rests on your shoulder for added comfort.

Available in many of our fabrics so check out the 1940 page.

I remember Grandma on Sunday, in her starched Sunday best apron. On Monday she would hang up her finest and don her wash apron even that one was starched and ironed. Her apron for the garden was a faded floral, a little worn but beautiful as it was adorned with her stunning cut flowers. Her aprons were part of her, not just to keep her clothes clean.

Little Child apron, click for larger view

Small child apron from stitch thru time.

Small child apron for toddlers and small children. This darling one covers front side and back. Three pockets in front with old fashioned rick rack and pretty trim. Comes in girl and boys fabrics.

Small child aprons to keep dresses and clothes clean and can also be used as a bib for smaller children.

Small child apron chicken garden

Small Child Apron Chicken Garden #271 $24.95.

Girl wearing apron is about 20 months old.
(She is a little shorter than average.)

1940 Old Fashioned Pumpkins

1940 Old Fashioned Pumpkins#2159 $49.95 extra large $54.95 girl #33021 $39.95 $44.95.

A beautiful Holiday apron for Thanksgiving and all through the Holidays with pumpkins sunflowers berries and a burst of flowers will make this one you will enjoy. Get matching mother daughter ones to bake during the Holidays and throughout the year.

Old Fashioned Pumpkin Close up

Aunt Violet Style numbers

#101 red gingham
#103 blue gingham
#104 yellow gingham
#134 patriotic
#141 pink gingham
#149 Halloween
#1032 sky blue white polka dot
#1033 white pink polka dot
#1034 red white polka dot
#1035 black white polka dot apron
#1077 all white
#1084 Old time village Christmas with red trim
#1087 red gingham/red snowflake
#2005 Halloween orange yellow
#2006 Halloween orange/black
#2030 Christmas Carolers
#2032 Heart stars and stripes
#2036 Old Fashioned USA
#2040 Christmas Girls
#2148 black polka dot all over
#2055 Holiday Ribbon
#2071 Good Old Days
#2076 black polka dot with white polka dot pockets
#2149 red polka dot
#2150 pink and yellow rose bouquet
#2182 red cherries/yellow polka dot
#2161 Old fashioned pumpkin
#2182 red cherries/yellow polka dot
#2185 Old fashioned red and white kitchen
#2186 Old fashioned blue and white kitchen
#2191 Enchanted Halloween


1944 Half Aprons

#320 1944 Pink Gingham
#323 1944 Hokus Pokus Halloween
#325 1944 Red Gingham
#326 1944 Blue gingham
#327 1944 Pink Bud Rose
#335 1944 Yellow gingham
#352 1944 Pumpkin Harvest
#371 1944 4th of July
#374 1944 Retro Red White Polka Dot s
#375 1944 Blue White Polka Dot
#376 1944 Black White Polka Dot
#377 1944 Pink White Polka Dot
#379 1944 Old Fashioned Pink 40's
#384 1944 White Blue Polka Dot
#4023 1944 Bowl of Cherries
#40038 1944 Old Time Village Christmas
#40048 1944 Old Fashioned Red and White Kitchen apron
#40049 1944 Old Fashioned Blue and White kitchen apron


Grandma Apron Style numbers

#119 Patriotic
#144 Hokus Pokus orange/yellow
#156 red gingham
#157 blue gingham
#158 yellow gingham
#159 pink gingham
#163 Pumpkin Harvest
#184 red gingham red polka dot
#185 blue polka dot
#1041 sky blue white polka dot
#1042 pink white polka dot
#1043 red white polka dot
#1044 black white polka dot
#1052 Hokus Pokus black orange Halloween
#1071 Old time Christmas with ivory trim apron
#1081 Silver Snowflake
#1088 red gingham red snowflake
#1095 old fashioned pink 40s
#1997 black white polka dot with red gingham pockets
#1098 black white polka dot/ black polka dot pockets
#1099 black white polka dot with pink gingham pockets
#2000 red polka dot with black polka dot pockets
#2001 red polka dot with white/red polka dot pockets
#2002 red gingham/red polka dot pockets
#2003 blue white polka dot with same pockets
#2025 Old time village Christmas with green trim
#2029 Christmas Carolers
#2031 Stars and stripes
#2037 Old Fashioned USA
#2041 Christmas Girls
#2049 Bowl of Cherries
#2051 Old Time Village Christmas with red trim
#2070 Good old Days
#2074 black white retro
#2099 Pink Tulips and roses
#2102 black polka dot all over with black trim
#2130 Holiday time
#2137 Blue Angels with wings
#2139 Angels on cream
#2151 pink and yellow rose bouquet
#2158 black polka dot with red polka dot pockets
#2160 Old Fashioned Pumpkins
#2162 Vintage Trailers and Trucks
#2166 Old Fashioned red and white kitchen apron
#2167 Old Fashioned blue and white kitchen apron
#2168 Vintage Christmas card
#2170 Old Fashioned fruit on green
#2171 Old Fashioned fruit on yellow
#2179 red cherries/yellow polka dot
#2183 black polka dot all over with white trim
#2196 Old fashioned cafe
#2197 Christmas Country Church
#2199 Pink roses and pink polka dots

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