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Retro Victory apron, a stylish old fashioned one for lasting new memories.
Pretty with trim and rick rack in Christmas strawberries. polka dots and beautiful floral.
One you will enjoy with the family in the kitchen


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Red Gingham Retro Full Women Aprons

Victory in  Red Gingham

Victory Full Apron in Red Gingham #173 $59.95 ex large $65.95 girls #4000 $49.95

The red gingham is lined in red trim and white rick rack straight out the 1940s with darling large gingham pockets. . A year round style that can be worn anytime.

White rick rack and red trim are very old fashioned and yet stylish. When you are not wearing this you may hang it on a hook in your kitchen to decorate your home.

A beautiful Stylish Apron

Victory full

We make this up in the strawberry that is below, his pattern is not available but we wanted you to see how very cute this one is.

This comes is a pretty strawberries with red gingham and red trim with white and red rick rack on the pockets and all around the bottom. It sets off this beautiful retro style that is washable to last. It is sure to make many memories through the years. It is oh so retro sure you will love it.
See how comfortably it fits over your shoulders. Cute with red gingham pockets with white and red rick rack on them..
Strawberries with red gingham around the waist, a very pretty apron.

Victory red gingham
Victory Red Gingham half aprons #318 $47.95 ex-large $52.95

Victory retro red gingham with larger gingham pockets from the 1930s 1940s through 1950 style.

Three panel old fashioned half apron with matching V pockets, red trim on the bottom and rick rack too for that look you remember your mother and grandmother wearing.

Blue with white rick rack is darling.


Victory Blue Gingham Half

Victory Half in Blue Gingham #334 $47.95 ex lrg $52.95, girl #453 $43.95

Blue Gingham has a retro look that has lasted through time and is still timeless Old fashioned white rick rack, and blue trim on the bottom and pockets with contrasting larger gingham on the waist and pockets for a finished touch.


Victory Full Strawberry

Victory Full Aprons in Strawberry #171 $59.95 ex large $64.95 girls #4019 $49.95

This darling one you will love not only covers the bottom but the top also. It rests over your shoulders for comfort with pretty red trim around the top and bottom and red gingham pockets with white and red rick rack. Because it rests on your shoulders it doesn't pull on your neck like the modern ones do.

Strawberries with red gingham, it is very feminine, you will love this vintage style.




Close up Strawberry


Red Cherries Yellow Polka Dot

Victory Full Red Cherries Yellow Polka Dots #2183 $59.95 ex large $64.95

For the cherry lovers we have this beautiful soft yellow background with while polka dots and cherries that look ready to eat. I is really darling. Contrasting pockets are in red polka dots so it really makes it pop.

Victory 4th of July full apron

Victory 4th of July #1016 $59.95 extra large $64.95 girl #4008 $49.95

Full 4th of July has patriotic pockets and waist band with American flags with white and blue rick rack on top pockets and the bottom with blue trim all the way around the bottom.
The navy blue trim around the top and bottom accent this pretty retro style.

Victory Full Apron Old Fashion USA

Old Fashioned USA #2042 $59.95 extra large $$64.95 girls #4039 $49.95

Three cheers for the red white and blue, this beautiful deep blue background with nostalgic scenes of holiday fun. Drums, USA flags, angels with flags, truly a beautiful apron not just for July 4th but to wear all year long.

Old Fashioned USA

Victory in Old Fashioned USA #2042 $59.95

They are holding the American flag and are drumming with old fashioned clothes and three cheers for the red white and blue written on the blue background with stars on it. The day we celebrate is also on this one of a kind pattern.

Blue Angels with Wings+

Blue Angels with wings #2145 $59.95 extra large $64.95

Pretty with a deep blue background and golden stars in the sky. Angels with garland and bells will make this a beautiful holiday or year round apron.

Angels on Cream
Angels on Cream #2144 $59.95 extra large add $64.95

A soft creamy background with golden stars and Angels in golden robes with blue wings ringing in the Holidays. You may have an angel on your shoulder and have fun in the kitchen with the family..

Victory Full Autumn Leaf Apron
Autumn Leaf #2026 $59.95 extra large $64.95 girls #4040 $49.95

Fall is in the air with the autumn leaf. A spray of colorful autumn leaves gold and multicolored brown with red berries, a bouquet of fall.
Gold and white contrasting gingham with matching rick rack add to the beauty of a very pretty fabric. You may wear throughout the holidays of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas or anytime of the year



autumn leaf all over


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