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Stitch Thru Time Waitress apron made in America Old fashioned waitress aprons with ruffle
Retro restaurant half and full aprons Remember the 1950s and 1960s when you would go into a cafe

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Retro Waitress Apron

1948 Ruffle half apron White

1948 white with pink gingham and trim half apron number 4012 $62.95 extra large $67.95 and girl half apron 4035 $60.95

Above waitress apron comes with larger square pockets for you to use while serving. This is the same apron the servers used at the Kate Spade grand opening in Hong Kong in all white.

Above apron shown in girl size.

This pretty half apron comes in man of our other fabrics. Go to our 1948 Ruffle half apron page.

Grandma Black Polka Dot All Over

Black Polka Dot All Over Grandma apron number 2102 $54.95 you may order square or round pockets

Retro Red Gingham Half Aprons


Red gingham half apron

Red gingham old fashioned half apron women number 303 $52.95 $57.95, girl half apron 406 $45.95

Retro red gingham half apron with large gingham pockets.

Red and white rick rack will make this one of your favorite aprons in the kitchen.

Old Fashioned half apron available in women and girl sizes.

Black polka dot half apron

Retro Black Polka Dot Half Apron

Black polka dot Retro half apron number 392 $52.95 extra large $57.95, girl half half aprons 436 $45.95

Retro half apron to go with that little black dress or while serving. A very pretty black polka dot apron with white rick rack and apron ties. Old Fashioned apron that covers for a pretty kitchen half apron.

Retro Half Apron all White

Retro half apron in all white number 305 $52.95 extra large $57.95 girl # 421 $45.95

All White with large square pockets with rick rack on the pockets and bottom of add to the nostalgia. Square pockets for putting your ordering pad or straws in. Keep yourself clean in an old fashioned chef apron in all white.

Waitress Full apron comes with large square pockets. Grandma apron in black polka dot all over with black trim. Black with white polka dot on this comfortable apron that rests comfortably on your shoulders to keep you clean in the kitchen.

Green gingham retro half apron

Green gingham half apron #350

Green gingham Retro half apron number 350 $52.95 extra large $57.95 girl half apron 437 $45.95.

Women retro half apron in green gingham. Retro half apron with white and green rick rack Long apron strings and large pockets with rick rack for that old fashioned look.



Retro Black Polka Dot Half Apron

Retro Black Polka Dot half apron number 392 $52.95 extra large $57.95 girl 436 $45.95

This is just perfect to go with that little black dress. A very pretty black polka dot style with white rick rack and white long ties. Like the old Fashioned that covers to keep you clean while a very pretty kitchen half apron.



Black Polka Dot

Black Polka Dots. This comes in many of our other styles. If you don't see it in one of the other fabrics on our web site call us and we very well might be able to make it up for you.

Square Heating Pad

Heating Pad $13.95 ea

Our heating pads will comfort you on a cold winter night, throw it in your bed and you'll be surprised how long it lasts. The perfect bed warmer.

1943 Retro Red poka dot half apron

Ruffle Retro 1943 Red Polka Dot half apron number 404 $62.95 extra large $67.95

1943 Retro red polka dots that is very cute and very retro with red gingham ties contrast this 1940s look.

White trim on the pockets and white rick rack on the gathered old fashioned pockets with white trim all the way around really make the ruffle and red stand out. It is like someone is smiling at you.


Red gingham 1940 apron.

1940 Red Gingham, click for more 1940 aprons

Red gingham 1940 retro apron number 121 $54.95 extra large $59.95 child apron 204 $39.95, child large $44.95.

You will love the way you look in this beautiful vintage style apron. Apron top and apron pockets are a large gingham, while the rest of this retro apron is a smaller red and white gingham.
Aprons just like your grandmother and mother wore. Your red gingham apron will match your Better Homes and Garden cookbook!

This is the apron worn by the 50 volunteers at the honoring of the veterans on D-day in Charleston, West Virginia.

1948 Ruffle White with Red Trim with Red Gingham ties

1948 Ruffle Half Apron white with red trim and red gingham apron ties woman number 40040 $62.95 extra large $67.95 girl 4055 $60.95
Comes with round of square pockets

Larger Square Pockets for Waitress Apron on request.

1948 style in white with red rick rack and trim around round pockets with long red gingham ties really stand out. Like the old fashioned kitchen and retro restaurant aprons.

1948 Ruffle red gingham half apron

Red gingham 1948 Ruffle half apron number 40031 $62.95 extra large $67.95, girl 4049 $60.95
1948 apron available with round or square pockets.

Larger Square pockets for Waitress Apron on request

Ruffle half apron in red gingham. Retro red gingham half apron with white trim and rick rack is so Retro! Soft ruffles surround this beautiful half apron that is washable and made in the U.S.A.

White half apron

1948 Ruffle White Half Apron

1948 Ruffle White Half Aprons number 40042 $62.95, extra large $67.95, Girl half apron 4057 $60.95

This is the same apron worn by the servers at the Kate Spade grand opening of her store in Hong Kong. All white and is shown with the small square pockets for a very pretty one to wear in the kitchen or just around the house or when serving customers. If you want larger pockets you may call us and let us know.


Green gingham half apron

1948 Ruffle Green Gingham Half Apron

1948 Ruffle Green Gingham women #40035 $62.95 extra large $67.95, girls number 4052 $60.95

1948 style is shown with round pockets but you may get square one when you order if that is what you prefer. Pretty green gingham with white rick rack and trim contrast to make this a beautiful one for woman or girls. Matching mother and daughter will be fun for the whole family in the kitchen when baking.


Yellow gingham half apron

1948 Ruffle Yellow Gingham Half Apron

Yellow gingham 1948 ruffle half apron number 40034 $62.95 extra large $67.95 girl 4051 $60.95

Choose either round or square pockets in this with yellow gingham and yellow rick rack and trim. A soft yellow retro one in pretty yellow gingham.


Blue polka dot half apron

1948 Blue Polka Dot half apron

Blue polka dot 1948 half apron number 40041 $62.95 extra large $67.95 girl 4056 $60.95

This is shown with square pockets but also comes with round just choose when ordering. Blue background with white polka dots and white rick rack really pop on the dark blue background. You may get it in adult child sizes. The blue polka dot ruffle around this with white trim make it stand out.

Aprons made in the USA



Pink gingham half apron

1948 Ruffle Pink Gingham Half Apron

Pink gingham 1948 half apron number 40030 $62.95 extra large $67.95. Girl ruffle half aprons 4048 $60.95.

1948 Ruffle half apron in pink gingham with pink trim and pink rick rack. Gathered round pockets with pink rick rack and pink trim or square pockets with pink rick rack set off this lovely ruffle half apron. You can also get it with square pockets.

A feminine half apron with an old fashioned look.


White ruffle half apron with pink trim

1948 Ruffle White Half Apron

1948 Ruffle Half Aprons in White with Pink Trim ladies number 40012 $62.95 extra large $67.95, girl number 4035 $60.95
1948 style is available with round or square pockets. A very pretty one with rick rack around the ruffles and pink trim on the cute pockets. This comes in child and adult sizes so there can be matching ones for both.

Victory red gingham apron

Red gingham Victory half apron number 318 $62.95 extra large $67.95

Red gingham in two different sizes with rick rack and pretty red trim add to the beauty of this darling one with long apron ties.



Blue gingham half apron

Victory Blue Gingham Half Apron

Blue gingham Victory half apron number 334 $47.95 extra large $62.95 girl 453 $55.95

Victory blue gingham has a retro look that is timeless that very old fashioned look with large gingham on the pockets and waist.

Old fashioned white rick rack, and blue trim on the bottom for a finished touch.



Grandma apron pink gingham, click for larger view

Pink gingham Grandma Waitress apron number 159 $49.95 extra large $54.95

You may get this with square or round pockets in pink gingham with darling pockets of larger pink gingham.

A fun kitchen or garden one that is shorter then our other full styles with pink rick rack and pink trim to give it that special look. Long ties are pink gingham also and it rests on your shoulders instead of pulling on your neck for added comfort.

Blue gingham retro half apron

Blue Gingham half apron (also comes in Red or yellow gingham.

Old Fashioned Blue Gingham Retro half aprons. Women number 302 $52.95 extra large $57.95, girls 407 $45.95

The striking blue and white gingham half apron is soft with the same nostalgia from your mother and grandmother. Blue and white rick rack add to the retro look.

Large pockets and long ties help with a good fitting apron you may have for many years of enjoyment. This also comes in woman and girl sizes.



Yellow Gingham Half Apron

Old fashioned retro yellow gingham apron number 301 $52.95 extra large $57.95 girl 408 $45.95

20th century half aprons come in red blue yellow lilac green and pink gingham all with contrasting rick rack on your pockets.

They not only help keep you clean, but you will enjoy cooking in your kitchen with that special touch only an old fashioned one can offer.


Grandma Yellow Kitchen CherriesYellow Salt & Pepper close up

Grandma apron in Yellow Salt and pepper number 1040 $54.95 extra large $59.95

This fun one is for all those who used to collect souvenirs salt and pepper shakers when they traveled. For those who missed out it is not too late with this fun material.

What better one with retro salt and pepper shakers to wear when serving your customers.

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