Aprons Red Gingham 1940 Retro Polka Dot Half aprons Old Fashioned


Stitch Thru Time Aprons from the 20th century that cover not only the front but the sides also.
Retro half and full aprons from 1930 1940 1950 1960, vintage styles for the kitchen and Holidays.
Make memories in the kitchen for dinner in an old fashioned apron

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1940 Old Fashioned Aprons Made in America

1940 Child

1940 Child Aprons

Also matching Women Aprons These beautiful old fashioned gingham ones are available in 3 child sizes and 4 women sizes. Red gingham for the old Retro look is one of the most popular pins on Pinterest and it comes from Stitch Thru Time

Made in America

Rose apron in blue gingham, click for larger view

Aunt Rose Blue Gingham Apron 110 $54.95 extra large $59.95 girl 227 $39.95 girl $44.95

Aunt Rose old fashioned aprons in blue gingham, a full vintage style that some call it the Aunt Bee Apron

Pretty round pockets of large blue gingham and long blue gingham ties for a nice fit and notice how elegant this style is. You'll like the way this old fashioned style fits.



The Best Neck Heating Pad Ever

Neck Pad fits large and small
Neck pad $30.95

We make it with pockets and it wraps around your neck shoulder and other parts of the body with heat that distributes evenly for deep heat. Once you try our heating pads you will not use another.

Aprons from the 20th Century

1940 Red Gingham

1940 Red Gingham Apron number 121 $54.95 ex large $59.95 Girls 204 $39.95 large $44.95

Step back in time with our Vintage line. This beautiful one is not only attractive but also has pretty trim that makes you step back to the 1940's, a style your grandma could have worn.
Long ties make this very comfortable.

This was worn by fifty volunteers at the Veterans Day Celebration in the South. and was given to the Veteran's wives, you can never have enough pretty aprons.
Custmer comment from them.
Dear Lorraine,
The aprons were a HIT and are mentioned in so many of the "thank you's" we have
received. We had over 1000 in attendance and the night was magic. The WWII
Veterans were so appreciative. I will send you pictures of the D-Day celebration.
It was so funny at the party because an announcement was made
that anyone wanting to dance and needing a partner was to just find a woman
in a gingham apron and that lady would dance. The orchestra was wonderful,
playing all the hits from the 40s.
Once again, thank you so much for all you did to make our party a success!
You will hear from me soon.
Very Sincerely, Stephanie

Made in America

Grandma Cherry Apron

Grandma Cherry Aprons 2179 $54.95 extra large $59.95

Cherries on yellow polka dots with red polka dot pockets and long red polka dot ties.
Something to go with your cherry pie with red cherries on yellow polka dots that is oh so cute. Looks like you just picked it off your cherry tree.

Old fashioned cherry apron to decorate yourself with while keeping clean.

When I had breast cancer they took out some lymp nodes and it was very painful. I used the neck heating pad and wrapped it around my arm to my arm pit and it was very soothing.

Neck Heating Pad for Lower Back Heating Pad

Neck heating pad or turn it upside down and have the perfect back heating pad for your lower back or up your back and shoulder as it moulds perfectly to your lower back were it aches the most. After using it you will be pleasantly surprised how well it fits and just how comforting it is

Old fashioned Retro Half Aprons for fun in the kitchen

Red gingham half aprons click for larger view

Red Gingham Half Aprons 1950 Retro Half Aprons 303 $52.95 extra large $57.95 girls 406 $39.95

Retro red gingham with large gingham pockets. Make new memories for you and you family while looking good. Just like your mother used to wear.

It also comes in blue yellow pink green gingham along with many other beautiful old fashioned style fabrics.

Holiday half aprons for Halloween Thanksgiving Christmas and all year round.

Check out many more of our Retro half aprons that are available in matching mother and daughter styles.

Heart Aprons

Red Gingham Heart

Heart Red Gingham Apron For that special someone that comes in women and child matching sizes

Old fashioned heart in red gingham, just one of our many fabrics you may get this petty heart style in. This Heart one was worn by The Nanny on the TV show The View. It was also featured on the cover of The Saturday Evening Post in yellow gingham. Some call it the I Love Lucy and June Cleaver Aprons.
A Valentine for your special someone.


1940 Yellow Gingham Mother Daughter Aprons

1940 Yellow Gingham Mother Daughter

1940 Yellow Gingham 168 $54.95 extra large 59.95, girls 228 large $44.95

A very feminine yellow gingham with pretty pockets of large check gingham add to the soft look like your Grandma used to wear

1940 style comes in pink and all our other ginghams and many other pretty fabrics to choose from. Check out our Mother Daughter ones.

go to our 1940 page to see many other beautiful old fashioned ones.

1940 Holiday Aprons

Go to our Holiday section to see this in all our styles

1940 Old Fashioned PumpkinsOld Fashioned Pumpkin

1940 Old Fashioned Pumpkins 2159 $54.95 extra large $59.95, girls 33021 $39.95 large $44.95

A beautiful Holiday fun thing to wear for Thanksgiving and all through the Holidays. Pumpkins, sunflowers, berries and a burst of flowers will make this something you will enjoy for years. Get matching Mother and Daughter ones to bake during the Holidays and throughout the year. Old Fashioned pumpkin available in all our pretty styles

Aunt Rose Old Fashioned Aprons

Rose Red gingham

Aunt Rose in red gingham with red snowflake pockets 109 $54.95, extra large $59.95 girl 233 $39.95 large $44.95

Aunt Rose style in red gingham and red background with snowflakes on the pockets. White trim and rick rack for the old fashioned look. This is very comfortable with pretty round gathered pockets, it covers you so your clothes stay clean. The ties come in red gingham.

Washable for easy cleanup.

Grandma red gingham and red snowflake Christmas Aprons

Grandma red gingham / red snowflake, click for more views

Grandma Red Gingham and Red Snowflake pockets 1088 $54.95 extra large $59.95

Grandma in red gingham with red snowflakes and pretty round gathered pockets with white rick rack and trim set off this pretty old fashioned look. Apron ties are of red gingham not the snowflake shown in the picture.

Go to our Christmas page for a better look at all our Christmas aprons

Aunt Violet Red Gingham Apron


Aunt Violet in Red Gingham 101 $54.95 extra large $59.95

Very traditional style red gingham old fashioned one that drapes over your shoulder for added comfort, it doesn't pull on your neck and comes with long ties for easy tie in front or back. Fun pockets with rick rack and trim in contrasting fabric. It will be an something you will enjoy in the kitchen.

It is s available in red, yellow, blue and pink gingham and our other pretty fabrics on our web site.

You may find this on our Christmas page

Aunt Rose Red Gingham Cobbler Aprons

Rose apron Red gingham

Aunt Rose in Red Gingham 109 $54.95 extra large $59.95

A pretty full style in old fashioned red gingham with white trim that sets off the red and rick rack for an old fashioned look.

This comfortable pretty one covers you so your clothes stay clean and is washable and very easy to keep clean.

Aunt Violet in red gingham red snowflake

Violet Red gingham / Red snowflake, click for more Violet aprons

Aunt Violet Apron Red gingham Red Snowflake 1087 $54.95 extra large $59.95

This is a longer style than the grandma style and just another fun way to decorate for Christmas in an old fashioned something that will look great on you and keep you clean complete with white snowflakes on a matching red background.

It comes with large pretty pockets with white trim and rick rack on them with ties or red gingham they aren't the snowflakes but red gingham.

Keep clean while having fun this Christmas in the kitchen.



1940 Old Fashioned PumpkinsOld Fashioned Pumpkin

1940 Old Fashioned Pumpkins 2159 $54.95 extra large $59.95 girls 33021 $39.95 large $44.95

A beautiful Holiday style that is fun to wear for Thanksgiving and all through the Holidays. Pumpkins sunflowers berries and a burst of flowers will make this something you will enjoy for years. Get matching Mother Daughter ones for baking together then and throughout the year. Old fashioned pumpkin available in all our pretty styles.

1940 Patriotic Apron in red white & blue

1940 Patriotic, click for larger view

1940 Patriotic 170 $54.95 ex large $59.95, girls 231 $39.95 large $44.95

If you want square pockets please let us know when ordering. 1940 in American flags with red gingham on top and ties. Red and rick rack on the bottom, we make them with red instead of white and blue gingham on your pockets. Blue trim add to the beauty of this and you can wear it year round. Celebrate good old America in an old fashioned style.

100% washable and Made in America

Grandma Old Fashioned Pink 1940 apron

Grandma Old Fashioned Pink 40's

Grandma Old Fashioned Pink 40s 1095 $54.95 extra large $59.95 comes with round or traditional square pockets.

Retro pink and white checks that will remind you of grandmas tablecloth with little blue flowers to back old memories. It is very comfortable and it rests on your shoulders for added comfort. You'll love the way this sits gently on your shoulders and doesn't pull on your neck. It is darling and comes with pretty round or square pockets and of course rick rack for the old fashioned look.

Aunt Rose

Rose Holiday Rose

Aunt Rose is an old fashioned cobbler style that is available in many of our beautiful fabrics. This fabric is no longer available but we wanted you to see how well it fits.

It comfortably rests on your shoulders and ties in the back with our long ties. They are long enough you should be able to bring around the front if you want if room allows.

Pretty wide trim and rick rack around the neck and pockets are just like the old fashioned ones you remember. You will not only look pretty in our old fashioned cobbler style but it will help keep your clothes cleaner.

Grandma style

Grandma Fantasy Garden apron, click for larger view

Grandmas style is a very comfortable short one that fits comfortably on your shoulders
Long ties for a front or back bow to keep you clean and have something you will enjoy wearing. When ordering you choose what pocket style you want.

Grandma in Yellow Gingham

Grandma Yellow gingham, click for larger view

Grandma Yellow Gingham 158 $54.95 ex large $59.95

Yellow rick rack and trim on a pretty yellow gingham Grandma that rests on your shoulders. Long yellow gingham ties for more space or you may tie them around the front

1943 Half Apron in Paper Dolls

1943 Half apron

1943 Half Apron Paper Dolls half aprons #143 $62.95 extra large $67.95

If we are talking old fashioned this beautiful pink half ruffled one with a ruffle in the front is adorned with paper dolls just like you used to play with. Pockets have cute paper dolls on them also.

Pink gingham apron ties only make this look even prettier

1943 Half Apron comes in many more cute fabrics

1948 Ruffle Half Apron

1943 Ruffle White Girl apron

1948 Ruffle is shown in a child size

Ladies #40012 $62.95 extra large $67.95 girls 4035 $46.95

Your little girl can have one just like moms. She will enjoy time in the kitchen with you in her pretty little matching one. They are made with the same quality as her mothers. This is available with round or square pockets. A very pretty apron with ruffles and fun pockets with pink trim and pink rick rack. The above one is shown in a child size and you may get this in all our other fabrics below also.

Retro Half Aprons

Lilac pansy half apron, click for larger view

Check out our retro half aprons, they are available in many pretty material that we have in stock

Old fashioned half apron with square pockets and of course rick rack on the pockets and bottom of this pretty half apron and long apron strings.


Violet Old Time Village Christmas, click for larger view

Aunt Violet in Old Time Village Christmas 1084 $54.95 extra large $59.95

It has contrasting pockets of snow covered mountains with pine trees and aunt Violet in something you can wear and enjoy this Christmas for new memories with your family.

It rests comfortably on your shoulders and doesn't pull on you neck and covers your clothes while you look pretty and keep clean.

1940 Old Time Christmas with Red Trim, click for more views

1940 Old Time Village Christmas Apron with red trim 1072 $54.95 extra large $59.95 girl 294 $39.95 child large $44.95

Christmas Village has pretty snow covered houses decorated for the holidays in all the fun things you think about during the holidays. This will put you in a Holiday mood and be ready to decorate those cookies with the kid and it comes in matching mother daughter ones For a larger view go to our Holiday aprons or the 1940 page

Pink Gingham Heart

1940 pink gingham

Pink gingham heart apron number 160

Pink gingham heart in pretty pink gingham. This can be for you or someone else that is special. This comes in many of our other fabrics in floral and prints. It is available in ladies and girl sizes so you can have a matching heart, girls love it.

1940 Good Old Days

1940 Good Old Days

1940 in Good Old Days 2069 $54.95 extra large $59.95 girls 33020 $39.95 child large $44.95

1940 Retro kitchen style with a soft cream background and nostalgic scenes of old washboards children playing under the clothesline with her teddy bear and cats lying next to the clothing basket. A darling chef kitchen one you will love to wear.
An old fashioned ringer washers and clotheslines adorn this pretty styled one that will bring back memories of way back when. Rick rack and blue trim with blue gingham ties just add to the beauty of this.

Yellow Heart Apron Click for more views

Heart in Yellow Gingham

This lovely full apron comes in all our ginghams with contrasting trim on the pockets and the bottom of your apron. This was on the cover of the Washington Post magazine.
The above one is shown in size large. The perfect apron for your special Valentine or someone very special.

Our customers call this the I Love Lucy Apron

Yellow Heart apron 118
Red Gingham 116
Blue Gingham 117
Pink Gingham 160
All White 1075
and many more of our pretty fabrics


Grandma Apron Pink Bud Rose Apron

Grandma apron Pink Bud Rose

Grandma in Pink Bud Rose 2044 $54.95 extra large $59.95

Grandma now comes in pink roses and pink polka dots, a soft pink.

A soft pink background with small bud roses and pink gingham ties

Grandma rests comfortably on your shoulders and you may get this pretty old fashioned one with round or square pockets.

Grandma Old Fashioned

Grandma  Lilac Pansy, click for larger view

We have this pretty Grandma in many fun fabrics for everyday or for Holidays

Check out our many fabrics that are available in this fun comfortable cobbler.

Back of Grandma Fantasy back

Back of the Grandma Apron tie with long apron strings


1940 Old Time Village Christmas Aprons

1940 Old Time Village Christmas with red trim and red rick rack 1072 $54.95 extra large $59.95, Girls $39.95 child large $44.95

The little girl who is wearing this is about 3 years old and is wearing a child petite

Rose Old Time Village Christmas

Aunt Rose Old Time Village Christmas 1085 $54.95 extra large $59.95 girl $39.95 child large $44.95

A Christmas that will bring images of the Holidays with snow covered houses complete with snowmen and snow capped trees. Wreaths adorn the cottages and beautiful scenes of the Holidays. Red trim and rick rack set off the top and round gathered matching pockets of trees on the snow snowy mountainside.

Grandma Apron Old Time Christmas

Grandma Old Time Village Christmas 1071 $54.95 ex large $59.95

Retro Grandma old time Christmas village with snowmen, Christmas trees snow covered houses and Christmas wreaths so fun for the Holidays.

Violet Old Time Village Christmas, click for larger view

Aunt Violet Old Time Village Christmas 1084 $54.95 extra large $59.95

Contrasting pockets of snow covered mountains with pine trees Aunt Violet in something you can wear and enjoy this Christmas for new memories with your family.

Aunt Violet rests comfortably on your shoulders and covers your clothes while you look pretty and keep clean

Hokus Pokus Apron, click for more views

Hokus Pokus Halloween number 144 $54.95 extra large $59.95

Halloween aprons of orange and gingham check with small black spiders is so cute.

Fanciful Halloween pockets of different sizes, an assortment of witches pumpkins ghosts and everything you like about Halloween

The orange rick rack and trim add to pretty look of this Holiday apron.

One of the fun pockets on our Hokus Pokus apron

1940 Sky blue/white poka dot child apron, click for more child aprons and larger view

1940 Sky Blue White Polka Dot 1020 $54.95 extra large $59.95
girls 425 $39.95 child large $44.95

This darling 1940 child apron in Sky Blue Polka Dot with contrasting white and blue pockets

White rick rack on the pocket and bottom gives it that old fashioned touch.

Cute round pockets on the girls apron is perfect to put her little hands in. The ladies comes with square pockets

This pretty little girl is 2 years 2 months old and is a little petite for her age, she is wearing a size petite child with room to grow.

4th of July Apron

1940 4th of July

1940 4th of July Apron #138 $54.95 extra large $59.95 girl 209 $39.95 extra large $44.95

1940s 1950s patriotic red gingham apron with the stars and stripes on the top and pockets of this very pretty apron.

An old fashioned Americana apron you'll enjoy during the Holidays or all throughout the year.

Red white and blue on the top and pockets with a deep blue trim.

Blue and red rack rick add to the finishing touch of a beautiful retro apron

Aunt Violet Old Fashioned USA Apron

Aunt Violet Old Fashioned USA

Aunt Violet Women Apron Old Fashioned USA 2036 $54.95 extra large $59.95

Three Cheers for the Red White and Blue, this beautiful deep blue background with nostalgic scenes of Holiday fun.

Drums USA flags angels holding flags, truly a beautiful sight not just for the 4th of July but to wear all year round. The red trim sets off against the deep blue.


1940 apron in Christmas Carolers, click for larger view

1940 in Christmas Carolers 2027 $54.95 ex large $59.95 girls number 307 $39.95 child large $44.95

1940 in nostalgic Christmas Carolers. A soft blue background with singing children and dog. Old Fashioned Lamp posts and Victorian dressed children all we can say is cute.
This darling Christmas one is reminiscent of Christmas past with Christmas carolers Christmas trees Victorian children looking in the window at toys. A fun one you will love. Christmas carolers is available in all our styles.

Aunt Sophie Pink Gingham Apron

Aunt Sophie pink gingahm, click for more views

Aunt Sophie Pink Gingham 1007 $65.95

Beautiful pink gingham apron with white rick rack and trim accent this fun apron, a very stylish retro style apron that comes in many more apron fabrics

Victoria Magazine is one of our favorites our other favorite are Country Living, Southern Lady & Tea Time Magazine

Small Child Chicken Garden Apron

Small Child Apron Chicken Garden 271 $24.95

Girl wearing apron is about 20 months old and she is a little shorter than average

If you see another fabric you want this made in call us to order, you may get matching mother daughter ones Our telephone number is 435-648-2141

You may have matching mother daughter bib material just like the ladies material in this cute one that has three pockets in it for her or his little hands.

Small child apron in red gingham

Small Child Apron in Red Gingham 201 $24.95

This is the same cute small child one in red gingham and it is available in our other fabrics to have have matching Mom daughter ones.

Go to Child Aprons to see more of these cute bib aprons

1940 Rose Garden

1940 rose garden apron, click for larger view

1940 Rose Garden 127 $54.95 ex large $59.95 girls 204 $39.95 large $44.95

Lilac roses in a bouquet of flowers on soft lilac gingham with old fashioned rick rack and trim. This is shown with pink rick rack on the bottom but we now make this with two colors of lilac and like it much better.

1940 Raspberry Floral with lilac gingham

1940 Raspberry Floral with Lilac Gingham 126 $54.95 extra large $59.95

A beautiful soft lilac gingham with raspberry floral pockets of raspberries and hydrangea flowers makes this perfect for the lilac lover.


1944 Pink Gingham Half Apron

1944 Pink Gingham Half Apron

Old Fashioned 1944 Pink Gingham Half Apron 320

Don't just bake food in the kitchen, make memories with this flowing one in pink. It comes with large pockets in contrasting gingham and long ties for a very pretty one you will enjoy wearing.

Rick rack is the finishing touch all around the outside, just like Grandmas.

Old fashioned Christmas aprons to make baking fun during the Holidays with the family

1940 Pink polka dot pink gingham mother daughter aprons

1940 pink polka dot pink gingham aprons

1940 pink polka dots and pink gingham retro style that goes together perfectly. Ladies 2088 $54.95 extra large $59.95 girl 20002 $39.95 large child $44.95

1940 Old Fashioned style kitchen aprons in pink with white polka dot and pink gingham on the pockets and top.
An oh so cute retro one for mother daughter or Grandmother and Granddaughter.

Aunt Violet Black and White Polka Dots

Aunt Violet Black White Polka Dot Aprons

Aunt Violet Black Polka Dot all over 2148 $54.95 Customers call this our Aunt Bee apron.

and you may also get this in all black with black trim and rick rack. Black polka dots all over in something out of a Norman Rockwell picture. This is shown in the size extra large. Retro black polka dots all over with white trim and rick rack is so old fashioned. The pockets are a pretty design with the trim in white setting it off.




Black / White Polka Dots




1940 Red polka Dot red gingham apron

1940 Red poka dot -red gingham, click for larger view

1940 Red Polka Dot and Red Gingham Ladies 189 $54.95 extra large $59.95 girls 251 $39.95 child large $44.95

1940 Red polka dots with red gingham on the top and pockets in matching mother daughter style and is perfect for grandmother and granddaughter to match.

Retro polka dot with pretty red gingham apron with long red gingham apron ties


1940 Red Poka Dot, click for larger view

1940 Red gingham and red polka dots Ladies 189 $54.95 extra large $59.95 girls 251 $39.95 child large $44.95

White polka dots on retro red background with red gingham pockets top and ties is a very pretty one to take you back to the 1930s 1940s and 1950s and like all our 1940 style it is available in matching mother daughter ones.


1940 Red Gingham and Red polka dots

1940 red poka dot, click for larger view

1940 Red gingham and red polka dots 133 $54.95 ex large $59.95 girls 246 $39.95 Child large $44.95

Retro red polka dots and red gingham on the pockets and top on one that not only fits well and is very comfortable on your shoulders, you'll look great. Red and white rick rack finish this off for your retro kitchen


Hair Tie Red Gingham

Lucy Hair Wrap in Red Gingham $15.95

Old Fashioned hair tie with elastic on the bottom for a comfortable hair tie. You may get a matching hair tie for your aprons. This pretty hair tie loops around the front and is reminiscent of the 1940s and 1950s.

Lucy hair wrap comes in red yellow lilac and pink gingham and also our other pretty fabrics

Grandma Aprons
144 Hokus Pokus orange and yellow
151 Holiday Ribbon
153 Grandma Red Gingham
157 Blue Gingham
158 Yellow Gingham
159 Pink Gingham
163 Harvest Pumpkin
184 Red Gingham Red Polka Dot
185 Blue Polka Dot with blue polka dot pockets
196 Red Salt & Pepper
197 Blue Kitchen Cherries
1040 Yellow Salt & Pepper
1041 Sky blue white polka dot
1042 Pink white polka dot
1043 Red White polka dot
1044 Black white Polka dot
1052 Hokus Pokus black/orange
1071 Old Time Christmas with Ivory Trim
1081 Silver Snowflake
1088 Red Gingham Red Snowflake
1094 White Green Polka Dot Salt and Pepper
1097 Black White Polka Dot with Red gingham pockets
1098 Black White Polka Dot with black polka dot pockets
1099 Black white Polka Dot with Pink gingham pockets
2000 Red Polka Dot with Black White polka dot pockets
2001 Red Polka Dot with White Red Polka Dot pockets
2002 Red Gingham with Red Polka Dot Pocket
2003 Blue white polka dot with white polka dot pockets
2004 Green Polka Dot and pocket same
2025 Old Time Village Christmas with Green Trim
2029 Christmas Carolers
2031 Heart Stars and Stripes
2037 Old Fashioned USA
2041 Christmas Girls
2044 Pink Bud Rose
2049 Bowl of Cherries
2051 Old Time Village Christmas with Red Trim
2070 Good Old Days
2082 Black polka dot all over with white trim
2099 Pink Tulip & Roses
2102 Black polka dot all over with black trim
2137 Blue Angels with wings
2139 Angels on Cream
2151 pink and yellow rose bouquet
2153 Holiday Carolers
2160 Old Fashioned Pumpkins
2162 Christmas Vintage Trailers & Trucks
2165 Fun in the Kitchen
2166 Old Fashioned Kitchen Red & White
2167 Old Fashioned Kitchen Blue & White
2168 Vintage Christmas Card
2170 Old Fashioned Fruit on Green
2171 Old Fashioned Fruit on Yellow
2179 Cherry Apron with yellow polka dot

1940 Women Aprons

121 Red Gingham
122 Blue Gingham
123 Yellow Gingham
125 Family Kitchen
126 Raspberry Floral
127 Rose Garden
129 Lilac Rose Garden
131 Little Pink Flowers
133 Red Gingham red polka dot
135 Blue Gingham blue polka dot apron
138 4th of July
170 Patriotic
189 Red Polka Dot Red gingham
1017 Red polka dot salt & pepper
1020 Sky blue white polka dot
1022 Red white polka dot
1023 Black White Polka dot
1070 Old Time Village Christmas Ivory Trim
1072 Old Time Village Christmas with Red Trim
1073 Old Time Village Christmas with Green Trim
1076 White all white
1083 Autumn Leaf
1086 Red gingham red snowflake
1089 Green White polka dot
1093 Halloween orange yellow
2016 Golden Poinsettia
2026 Heart Stars and Stripes
2027 Christmas Carolers
2034 Christmas Girls
2035 Old Fashioned USA
2047 Bowl of Cherries
2056 Christmas Spirit w
2056 Cats Bats Witches Halloween
2061 Autumn All Over
2065 Small Flower Bouquet
2066 Apples and Flowers
2069 Good Old Days
2073 Black and White Retro
2077 Yellow Triangle Gingham
2085 Old Fashioned Pink 40
33002 Pink polka dot pink gingham
33003 Halloween Black Orange with purple spiders
2088 Pink Polka dot pink gingham
2089 Halloween black orange
2093 Cupcake
2127 Holiday Time
2129 Christmas Houses
2131 Pumpkin Harvest
2136 Blue Angels with wings
2138 Angels on cream

I remember Grandma on Sunday, in her starched Sunday best apron. On Monday she would hang up her finest and don her wash apron, even that one was starched and ironed. Her apron for the garden was a faded floral, a little worn, but beautiful as it was adorned with her stunning cut flowers. Her aprons were part of her, not just to keep her clothes clean.


Old Fashioned Grandma's in aprons

My Grandma's Apron

My Grandma's apron was to protect her dress underneath, it was used during canning of vegetables, pulling out pies from the oven, or just wiping her hands after doing dishes.
It was used for comforting her grandchildren, cleaning the crumbs off the table and a multitude of tasks.

She would go to the chicken coup and use her apron to carry the chicken scratch and scraps from her kitchen to her favorite chickens and then gather the green and brown eggs using her apron as a bowl, bringing them into the kitchen to use for baking. If it was time for little chicks to be hatched and they were’t quite ready she would bring them into the warming oven to finish up hatching.

When company came Grandma would run around dusting the furniture quickly and before they came in the door she would have her Sunday apron on.

Her apron was perfect to gather the wooden kindling for her old kitchen stove she would bake her bread in and then remove the hot pans from the oven when the bread was done.

During harvest time Grandma would bring in the ripe tomatoes, peppers or anything that was ready for canning into the kitchen. It always amazed me at how much she could fit into that small apron

She would fill her apron with clothes from the clothes line outside. Her large apron pockets were where the clothes pins were carefully place, it always amazed me how many would fit in those pockets. Sometimes she had an apron for clothes pins only she would hang over her shoulder.

She would go out to the apple trees in the fall and carry in the culls on the ground for the applesauce we would enjoy through the cold winter months.

When I was cold, Grandma wrapped her apron around me, I don't know if it was the apron or her love that kept me warm. Those big old aprons wiped away my tears or the sweat on her brow when she was canning over the hot stove.

You can’t find a substitute for the old fashioned apron like Grandma wore. Newer modern aprons with the skinny rope around the neck and short thin front just aren't’t up to the job like Grandmas apron was.

My Old Fashioned apron may wear out and need to be replaced, but the memories of that apron can last for generations.


Aunt Violet apron style number

101 red gingham

103 blue gingham
104 yellow gingham
106 Harvest gold pumpkin
134 patriotic
141 pink gingham
149 Halloween
1032 sky blue white polka dot
1033 White Pink polka dot
1034 Red white polka dot
1035 Black white polka dot
1077 All White
1084 Old Time Village Christmas with red trim
1087 Red Gingham Red snowflake
2005 Halloween orange yellow
2006 Halloween Apron Orange Black
2030 Christmas Carolers
2032 Heart Starts and Stripes
2036 Old Fashioned USA
2040 Christmas Girls
2071 Good Old Days
2076 Black and White Retro
2132 Pink Tea Rose
2148 Black Polka Dot all over
2076 Black and white polka dot with white and black polka dot pockets
2148 Cherry on Blue
2149 Red Polka Dot
2150 Pink & Yellow Rose Bouquet
2182 Red Cherries Yellow Polka Dot Women
2161 Old Fashioned Pumpkin

1944 Half Aprons

319 Christmas Holiday Ribbon
320 Pink Gingham
323 Hokus Pokus Halloween
325 Red Gingham
326 Blue gingham
327 Pink Bud Rose
335 Yellow gingham
352 Harvest Pumpkin
371 4th of July
374 Retro Red White Polka Dot
375 Blue and White Polka Dot
376 Black White Polka Dot
377 Pink White Polka Dot
384 White Blue Polka Dot
4023 Bowl of Cherries
40039 Old Time Village Christmas

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