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Old Fashioned Half Aprons. Beautiful retro half aprons to enjoy in the kitchen. Women and Girl matching Half Aprons in old fashioned half apron styles.

Retro Half Aprons for Women and Girls. Retro half aprons from the 1930s 1940s 1950s and 1960s.
Half Aprons like your Grandma and Mom used to wear.

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Retro Half Aprons

Cafe Half Apron

Cafe Half Apron in Old Fashioned Cafe
Retro Cafe Half Apron with retro red polka dots #40051 $47.95 extra large $52.95,
Cafe half apron with shakes, hot dogs, coffee, fries and all the fun food you think of when you remember an old fashioned cafe

Old Fashioned Cafe

Old Fashioned Cafe

Red Gingham Half Aprons

Red gingham half apron

Old Fashioned Red Gingham
Retro Half Apron
Women's half apron #303 $47.95
Girl half apron #406 $39.95
ex-large $5.00 extra

Retro red gingham half apron with large gingham pockets. Red and white rick rack will make this one of your favorite aprons in the kitchen. Also available in child size. Old Fashioned half apron available in woman and child size.


An old fashioned half apron that you will enjoy in the kitchen that is 100% washable to last for a very long time.

1944 Red Gingham Half Apron

1944 Red gingham half apron
Women half apron #325 $57.95

Beautiful half aprons in red gingham. A full half apron in red gingham with white trim and rick rack take you back in time retro half aprons.. Specially designed apron pockets have white ric rac and trim to set off large red gingham pockets.
Customers call this our I love Lucy half apron.

Retro Black Polka Dot Half Apron

Retro Black Polka Dot Woman Apron

Woman $47.95 ex large add $5.00
Child $39.95

Retro woman half apron, to go with that little black dress.
A very pretty black polka dot apron with white ric rac and apron ties.
Old Fashioned apron that covers for a pretty kitchen half apron.

Green gingham half apron #350

Green Gingham Women Retro Half Apron
Women #350 $47.95 ex-large add $5.00
Child #437 $39.95
Women half apron in green gingham. Retro half apron with white and green rick rack. Long apron strings and large apron pockets with rick rack for that old fashioned look..

Victory Strawberry Apron, click for more victory half apronsClose up Strawberry

Victory Strawberry apron half apron #315 $47.95, extra large $52.95. Girl half aprons #462 $43.95. Above right is strawberry close up.

1940's Strawberry Victory apron, right out of the 1940's. Oh so pretty aprons in strawberries on a soft cream background with ivory rick rack and red trim finish the bottom of this retro apron. Also available in red, blue, yellow, pink gingham, lilac pansy and rose bouquet, paper dolls, Old Fashioned Christmas, Holiday rose and Harvest pumpkin.!

A half apron in polka dot, Christmas & Halloween hokus pokus. Red, blue, yellow, pink and lavender gingham. Our pretty half aprons comes in many our pretty fabrics!

Retro Half apron all white

Retro Half Apron in All White
Woman Half Apron #305 $47.95 ex large add $5.00
Girl Half Apron # 421 $39.95

All White Half apron with large square pockets. White ric rac on the pockets and bottom of retro white half apron add to the nostalgia.

Keep yourself clean in an old fashioned chef apron in all white.


Retro Pink White Half Apron, click for larger view

Retro Pink / White Polka Dot Apron
Woman #395 $47.95 ex large add $5.00
Child #432 $39.95

Retro Half Apron in Pink with white polka dots. Available in woman or child size. White rick rack. stands out on this pretty half apron that is 100% washable and made in the USA!
Two large apron pockets with small and large white rick rack.
help to make this half apron darling.
An old fashioned half apron that will not only be fun to wear in the kitchen or anywhere else for that matter and also cover you to help keep your clothes clean.

Pink White Polka Dot Close Up

Pink White Polka Dot Close Up

1948 Blue polka dot half apron

1948 Ruffle Half Apron White with Pink Trim

Women Ruffle half apron #40042 $58.95 ex-large add $5.00
Child Ruffle half aprons #4056 $39.95

1948 apron available with round or square pockets.
Shown with square pockets

1948 blue polka dot half apron with square pockets. Blue background with white polka dots and white ric rac set off this beautiful half apron.
1948 Ruffle half apron comes in women and girl aprons. Blue polka dot ruffle around this pretty half apron with white trim and blue polka dot pockets.

Retro Black Polka Dot Half Apron

Retro Black Polka Dot Woman Apron

Women half aprons #392 $47.95, extra large $54.95, girl half aprons #436 $39.95.

Retro woman half apron, to go with that little black dress.
A very pretty black polka dot apron with white ric rac and apron ties.
Old Fashioned apron that covers for a pretty kitchen half apron.

Lucy Hair Wrap in Red Gingham

1950 Lucy Hair Wrap in Red Gingham $14.95

Old fashioned hair tie with elastic on bottom for a comfortable hair tie. You may get a matching hair tie for your apron.

Get this pretty hair tie that loops around the front. An old fashioned 1940 1950 hair tie.


Lucy Hair Wrap

1950 Lucy Hair Wrap in Red Gingham $14.95

Hair tie to match your apron. 1950 Retro hair wrap with elastic at the bottom and is fully covered in material.



This was sent to us from someone in the UK and was worth repeating.

Good morning from wet England,

Came across your site and just had to say how beautiful your aprons are, particularly the half aprons. They bring back so many wonderful memories of my childhood in the 60s and 70s. My mum, Grandma and sisters always wore aprons around the house, and I must confess I was a little jealous.
The simple half apron may only be a piece of cloth and ties, but says so much more, so very much more than just a protection of clothing. Wearing an apron says, I am ready to serve you and take care of you, I am safe , kind and helpful. Just consider a nurse, a maid , a waitress and of course mothers.
So wish those days were still here, a time when life was a little more simple and respectful.

Very best wishes






Old Fashioned Blue and White Kitchen Apron
Old Fashioned Blue and White Kitchen Apron

Old Fashioned Red and White Kitchen Apron
Old Fashioned Red and White Kitchen Apron

4th of July
4th of July (flag) material

All in the Kitchen close up
All in the Kitchen


Bowl of Cherries
Bowl of Cherries


Good Old Days
Good Old Days

Hokus Pokus
Hokus Pokus

Old Fashioned PumpkinOld Fashioned Pumpkins

Pumpkin Harvest
Pumpkin Harvest

Old Fashioned Pink 40's
Old Fashioned Pink 40's

Old Fashioned USA
Old Fashioned USA

Pink white poka dot
Pink/White Poka Dot

Sky Blue White Poka Dot
Sky Blue/White Poka Dot

Red Polka Dot
Red Poka Dot

Black/White Poka Dot

Retro Black/White Poka Dot

Black white Triangle
Black White Triangle

Yellow Triangle
Yellow Triangle

Yellow Poka Dot Salt & Pepper
Yellow Polka Dot Salt & Pepper

Pink Tea Roses
Pink Tea Roses

Pink Summer Bouquet
Pink Summer Bouquet

Pink Tulip & Roses
Pink Tulips & Roses


Angels on Cream
Angels On Cream

Blue Angels
Blue Angels

Holiday Time Close Up
Holiday Time

Holiday Ribbon
Holiday Ribbon

Christmas Girls
Christmas Girls

Christmas Memory
Christmas Memory

silver snowflake
Silver Snowflake





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