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Retro Women Half aprons
1943 Half stylish aprons with pretty trim and rick rack. Ruffled aprons with fun pockets perfect for wedding or a present for the bride.
An Old Fashioned Half apron that will be one of your favorites
Great around the house or a pretty wedding server Apron.
Made in Utah in the USA the old fashioned way


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Ruffle Half Aprons

1948 Ruffle half apron White

1948 Ruffle Half Aprons #4012 $58.95, extra large $52.95 girl apron $57.95

This is the apron worn by the servers at the Kate Spade store opening in Hong Kong

1948 Ruffle half apron in mother and daughter sizes. It is so pretty with ruffles, you can get it with round or square pockets.
The above apron is shown in a child size, this pretty ruffle half apron comes in many of our other fabrics.

Perfect for a wedding server.

A small company with a big heart

Paper Dolls half apron


1943 Apron in Paper Dolls material, click for more 1943 aprons, click for more 1943 aprons

1943 Half aprons in paper doll. #336 $52.95, extra large $57.95.
Remember when you used to play with paper dolls, if so this apron is for you.

1940's Vintage style half apron. A soft flowing half apron with small pockets you can get in round or square. The 1943 half apron is a smaller style apron with pretty pink trim around the apron and pink gingham apron ties. The gathered ruffle at the bottom adds to the retro style.

1943 ruffle half apron is great for a wedding apron, popular for the wedding servers.

White Red polka Dot 1943 Ruffle Half Apron

1943 White and red polka dot half apron #408 $52.95, extra large $57.95.

1943 half apron in white with red polka dots. Contrasting red with white polka dots on the pockets. Make his fun apron to be one of your favorites. White rick rack on the pockets and finished off with red trim all the way around. The apron strings come in red gingham. 100% cotton so very washable.

1943 Retro Red poka dot half apron

1943 Retro Red Polka Dot Half Apron #404 $52.95 ex large $57.95

1943 Retro red polka dot women half apron. Cute red gingham apron strings contrast this 1940's apron.
White trim on pockets and white rick rack on the cute gathered old fashioned pockets.

1943 Strawberry half apron

1943 Strawberry Half Apron #407 $52.95 extra large $57.95.

1943 Strawberry Half apron with pretty red trim. Ruffles on the bottom of this old fashioned half apron are just darling.
A very feminine half apron with pretty round pockets that will not only look good but keep you clean in the kitchen.
Long gingham apron ties add to this pretty retro half apron.

1943 Red Polka Dot  Ruffle Half Apron

1943 Red and white polka dot half apron #405 $52.95, ex large $57.95

1943 red polka dots with contrasting white polka dots is darling.

Retro kitchen half aprons

1943 White Blue Poka Dot

1943 White and blue polka dots #406 $52.95, extra large $57.95.

1943 Retro half apron in white with blue polka dots and contrasting pockets. A pretty ruffle make this a fun thing to wear in the kitchen.

1943 Red snowflake half apron

Red Snowflake ##4010 $52.95 extra large $57.95.

Red snowflakes with a beautiful ruffle and pockets to enjoy the holidays with. . The white trim adds to make this a very fun tone to wear at Christmas while baking.

Vintage Hair Wrap Red Gingham / Red Polka Dot

Vintage Hair Wrap Red Gingham with Red Polka Dot Flower #2222 $15.95
Women hair tie in red gingham with red polka dot. Ties around your head so it fits comfortably.
100% machine washable.

Wild Blue Hair Tie #2225

Wild Blue Hair Tie with Flower
#2225 $15.95

1943 Half Aprons

#337 Red Gingham
#338 Blue Gingham
#339 Pink Gingham
#340 Yellow Gingham
#354 Old Fashioned Christmas
#356 Hokus Pokus
#373 4th of July
#4004 Red Polka Dot
#4005 Red White Polka Dot
#4006 White Blue Polka Dot
#4007 Strawberry
#4008 White Red Polka Dot
#4011 Old Fashioned pink 40s

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