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Old fashioned gingham aprons for the new memories.
Kitchen aprons like grandmas and beautiful mother and daughter matching aprons.

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1940 red gingham apron

Retro red gingham aprons

1940 Red gingham retro apron 121 $49.95, extra large $54.95, girls 201 $39.95 large $44.95.

You will love the way this fits in this vintage style with rick rack and long ties in the back. This is the same apron worn by the 50 volunteers honoring the Veterans on D-day in Charleston, West Virginia.
This is one of our first aprons at Stitch Thru Time and is still one of the most popular with our customers, a very classic style.

<1940 Child red gingham apron, click for more views

1940 girl apron with round pockets, red gingham #201 blue 202, yellow 203 lilac 204.

You may also get this in many or our other pretty fabrics for fun in the kitchen with mom or grandma. Cute round pockets to put their little hands in or small treasures.
1940 Child apron measurements from shoulder to bottom of aprons. Waist size of apron without strings.
Petite approx 20" height shoulder to bottom of apron by 16" apron width
Small approx 26" height shoulder to bottom of apron by 19"apron width
Large approx 30"height shoulder to bottom of apron by 23"apron width

Retro half aprons Made in America


Women's red Gingham half apron, click for more views

Retro half apron in red gingham 303 $47.95 extra large $54.95, girls 406 $39.95.

Retro red gingham with large pockets. Contrasting rick rack will make this one of your favorites in the kitchen. Pockets come in a large red and white gingham with white and red rick rack. Washable and made to last. Available in women and child sizes.



Small child apron in red gingham

Small Child apron in Red Gingham 201 $24.95.

Red Gingham child apron same size as to the left have matching Mom daughter aprons.
This cute apron comes in many of our other apron fabrics, if you don't see the fabric you want call us 435-648-2141

Retro Blue Gingham Half Apron, click for more half aprons

Old Fashioned Blue Gingham Retro Half Aprons 302 $47.95 extra large $52.95 and girls 407 $43.95.

Retro blue gingham half aprons. This pretty blue gingham is available in women and girl matching sizes. Large pockets with blue and white rick adorn the pockets and bottom of this fun old fashioned style. The girl above is five years old and still has plenty of room to grow. You can both have many good times together in the kitchen and your kids will love it. It comes in fun colors. Your little girl can have fun in the kitchen and look just like Mom or Grandma. Two fun pockets for her to put things or her hands in.

Child rolling pin and Pastry Set

Kids wood rolling pin for small hands, they enjoy cooking with you even more.

A rolling pin to pass down for generations.


Child Pastry Set

Kids Rolling Pin and Pastry Set $19.95
Child Roller Pin

Enjoy baking with your child using this child pastry set. Good quality child rolling pin with cover are just perfect for their small hands. Cookie cutter, small pie plate mat and recipe card.

An heirloom that will last for years.

1940 Cherry with polka dots

1940 in Cherries with yellow polka dots apron women 2178 $49.95 extra large $54.95 and matching girls 33029 $39.95, child large $44.95.

Retro 1940 in cherry with yellow polka dot in the background and red polka dot pockets and ties. This will go perfectly with your cherry pie. Red Cherries on yellow polka dots, oh so cute. It looks like you just picked it off your cherry tree.

Cobbler aprons in red gingham

Rose apron red gingham, click for larger view

Aunt Rose aprons in Red Gingham number 109 $49.95 extra large apron $54.95 girls 233 $39.95, child large $44.95.

Aunt Rose apron red gingham with white trim and rick rack for the old fashioned look.
This is very comfortable with pretty round gathered pockets and it covers you so your clothes stay clean.
washable and easy to clean.

1940 Old Fashioned USA

1940 Old Fashioned USA Women Aprons 2035 $49.95 extra large $54.95 and matching girl #309 $39.95 child large $44.95.

1940 Old Fashioned USA. A beautiful tribute to the good old days with flags waving, drums drumming and children heralding the United State of America. Navy blue background with red white and blue throughout this fun limited style you can wear year round.

Old Fashioned USA

1940 Old Fashioned USA 2035 $49.95, extra large $54.95 and girl matching 309 $39.95 child large $44.95.

Three cheers for the red white and blue, this beautiful deep blue background with nostalgic scenes of holiday fun. Drums, USA flags, angels with flags. Truly beautiful not just for July 4th but to wear all year long. An old fashioned American pattern material.

Customer comments

I didn't get a chance to e-mail you last week but the 1940s pansy apron arrived and I love it, love it, love it.
It came last Friday and I wore it while my girlfriend and I canned something like 40 pints of tomatoes, 12 quarts of dill pickles, 20 pints of bread and butter pickles, 20 pints of pepper jelly and 6 pints of pickled jalapeno peppers (that last one's an experiment). 10 hours and more peelings than I care to mention and we had some pretty darn pretty jars on the counter!!!! And sticky stuff all over everything else. SHE drooled over the apron. I showed her the other three I own and sent her your link so you might get another MN order soon.
Many thanks, Jane R

Rose Blue Gingham

Aunt Rose in Blue Gingham 110 $49.95, extra large $54.95 girls 227 $39.95 large $44.95

Rose style in blue gingham with pretty round or square pockets of larger blue gingham. An old fashioned one that is not just comfortable and keeps you clean but pretty as well.

This is a must for a collector. Old fashioned like your grandmother used to wear. You will enjoy your time in the kitchen with the family. It covers the front and a lot of the back so not only is this beautiful but it is also functional

Made to last, good quality and washable for easy cleanup

Cafe Half Apron

Soda Fountain half apron, Retro cafe half aprons with retro red polka dots
number 40051 $47.95 ex large $52.95
Cafe half aprons with shakes, hot dogs, coffee, fries and all the fun food you think of when you remember an old fashioned soda fountain.

This will take you down memory land when you wear it, red polka dots, gingham and an old fashioned soda fountain combined in one.

Small child apron chicken garden

Small child apron in chicken garden number 271 $24.95 with three pockets for their small hands

Girl wearing this is about 20 months old. She is a little shorter than average.

If you see another fabric you want to match yours call us to order at 435-648-2141.

Back of small child apron

Back of small child apron this is very cute and ties in the back.

Small bib style covers well and has 3 pockets in the front for small hands.

Perfect for the little one, yellow gingham aprons.

Yellow Gingham Small Child Apron

Yellow Gingham Small Child bib Aprons 220 $24.95.

Yellow gingham small child bib with large yellow check gingham on pockets with rick rack. and yellow trim for your special little one.

Small child bib has three pockets in the front and a tie in the back. This that will grow with your special little one and lots of room in the pockets for treasures.




Yellow Heart Apron

Yellow gingham heart apron 118 $64.95 extra large $69.95. Matching girl heart aprons 70003 $53.95

Yellow gingham with long apron ties you can tie in the back or bring around the front. Enjoy your time in the kitchen like your mother while looking good and keeping clean. Large rick rack in white and yellow on the pockets and bottom. It is made with contrasting large yellow gingham on the heart. Sizes for the women are in petite small, medium, large and extra large for women and three sizes for girls. An old fashioned timeless look you' will love.

1940 Christmas Aprons

1940 Trimming the tree Christmas aprons number 2278 $49.95 extra large $54.95 and girl number 33040 $39.95, child large $44.95
It is never too early to get ready for the holidays and when your not wearing it hang it on the hook for a darling Christmas decoration.

Christmas with presents and women decorating the tree. A retro style with red polka dots and contrasting rick rack and trim. Silk flowing dresses with high heels and perfectly decorated trees. Only wearing this can you achieve that because in real life I wouldn't climb a ladder to decorate my tree.
Get matching aprons for Mom and daughter for lasting memories during the Holidays

Grandma trimming the tree

Grandma style in Trimming the Tree #2277 $49.95, extra large $54.95

Retro dressed women decorating and with beautifully wrapped packages. Have fun this holiday wearing this while keeping clean and looking great. Red polka dot pockets add to the retro look.

1940 Rose Bouquet, available in woman apron also, click for larger view

1940 Girl Apron
The little girl above is wearing a size small, she is 3 1/2 years old (a little petite) but has plenty of room for her to grow.

You may get this cute 1940 in many of our pretty fabrics. Go to the 1940 apron page to view more 1940 aprons.

1940 Rose Bouquet Back
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